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 Guild Activity
Posted by Killawitapet - 03-8-07 19:47 - 0 comments
1. Try to be respectful and courteous of others feelings and thoughts on subjects.
2. Please I say Please try to refrain from talking in all caps unless some alliance keeps pawning your ass then its ok.
3. If you get frustrated with que ...read more
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 PVP Premade
Posted by Killawitapet - 02-26-07 21:05 - 0 comments
We will have a pvp premade on Fridays and Most Saturdays. If u want an invite for the premade pvp on fridays and saturdays message Twinkkilla in game for an invite.

Have Fun...
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 Site is up.
Posted by alphasynaptic - 01-23-07 19:58 - 7 comments
Hey guys. The site is up and running and I guess I manage it. The site only consists of forums because I could not think of anything better for doing exactly what it needs to do which is to facilitate communication. Make sure you post any suggestio ...read more
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