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Title: Guild Activity
Description: Describing some of the rules N the guild

Killawitapet - March 8, 2007 07:47 PM (GMT)
1. Try to be respectful and courteous of others feelings and thoughts on subjects.
2. Please I say Please try to refrain from talking in all caps unless some alliance keeps pawning your ass then its ok.
3. If you get frustrated with quests ask for info in the guild chat but do not spam the guild chat.
4. Try to donate as much as possible to the guild bank this in the end will help for more steady gameplay and all together giveaways in the guild eventually I plan on setting up a trivia night.
5. Most of all if an argument breaks out there is always the ignore list and the /w (name here) option please refrain from arguing in guild chat you will only be gaven 3 warnings.
6. People inactive in the guild for more than 20 days(if I see it says offline for 20 days) Will be kicked from the guild no questions asked, We strive for an active guild with tons of players. Being that said, If you are the rank of commander then it will be ok for you to be gone for more than 20 days because in order to get the rank commander you have to be active either way. Also alts will not be kicked i have made ingame notes about Proffessions and alts if you have someone who has a proffesion i have not made a note of please message me ingame.
7. Last rule for now. I want to see people level there are certain people in our guild that level very slowly and i realise that, but if we are going to be running ingame instances we need to try to level with the guild most of us that are online are higher lvls than 20. Thats about it ill add to this if i see anything has changed. Have fun ingame and try to lvl quick...

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