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 To old friends...
Posted by Precious - 04-15-14 21:04 - 0 comments
To anyone paying this dusty old place a visit to remember the good, bad and downright weird times we all had here...

I miss you all.
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 Spoiler Tags and more
Posted by Char Aznable - 07-23-07 22:52 - 4 comments
I have been adding a few little things here and there, and will continue to over the next few days. The major one, is the spoiler tags. Yes, I realize the button doesn't work, but the actual tags do, and that is what is really important. Any ...read more
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 Sorry for the Inconvenience
Posted by Char Aznable - 07-19-07 01:29 - 9 comments
We were offline pretty much all of today, but everything is alright now.

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 3 Years!
Posted by Basch fon Ronsenburg - 04-13-07 17:12 - 13 comments
3 Years old today...so...celebrate and stuff!
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 Daylight Saving Time
Posted by Dr. Leonard McCoy - 03-11-07 03:44 - 1 comments
Tonight is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time, please remember you set your clocks forward an hour!
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Posted by Ryoko - 03-6-07 12:43 - 0 comments
Please people, leave each other alone. If someone doesn't want to talk to your or even bother with you, just leave that person be.

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 New Map
Posted by Edmond Dantès - 02-24-07 03:59 - 11 comments
I have changed to a new member map, as the Frappr map we were using got really weird on us. I will attempt to transfer as many people as I can over, but if you don't see yourself yet, please go ahead and do it yourself.
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Posted by Edmond Dantès - 02-3-07 19:54 - 10 comments
Kya is now a mod, and SW will be taking her place as staff. Congratulations.
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 Updated Rules
Posted by Edmond Dantès - 11-26-06 21:55 - 0 comments
These have been in the works for a few months now. I will be happy to address any comments, questions, or suggestions you might have.

NOTE: These rules are subject to change.

General ...read more
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Posted by Edmond Dantès - 11-16-06 16:24 - 0 comments
Due to the impending release of Twilight Princess, we are gonna be a little stricter on spoilers. If you wish to discuss your progress, please make sure you place the word spoiler, in front of your threads title. This is so that people will know e ...read more
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