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Rules for the Graveyard
NOTE: These rules are subject to change.

General Rules

1. Any and all Invisionfree rules apply and take the highest priority above our own.
2. Posting pornography of any sort will result in an immediate banning, no questions asked.
3. No one word posts will be permitted outside of the Asylum and Games.
4. Please show respect to all members. If you show respect, you will likely receive respect.
5. Please at least attempt to use proper spelling and grammar. If we are unable to discern what is being said, it will be treated as SPAM.
6. Please place threads in the correct section. If you are unsure as to which section your thread would be best for, a staff member will be glad to help you.
7. No flaming, we have to get along. Flaming is the act of sending or posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting. Such behavior will not be tolerated.
8. No spamming in areas other than the Asylum. Spamming is the posting of stupid or irrelevant messages.
9. No trolling. Trolling is posting in order to illicit a negative response, thus resulting in flaming.
10. No insulting anyone who has been punished for doing any of the previous, as you yourself will then also adequate punishment.
11. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you claim to be the creator of any work that is not your own you will face a minimum punishment of a 5 day suspension, no matter what the current warn level is. A second offense will be more than enough to justify a ban. Taking credit for someone else’s hard work is wrong.
12. We have instituted the COPPA guidelines, and thus any and all members under the age of 13 are prohibited from participating. If you are found to be falsely claiming to be older, you will be immediately banned, no questions asked.
13. Foul language will be taken care of via the word filters. Please do not evade said filters as doing so will result in a verbal warning. Posting images with any filtered word on them will also be removed, so please edit them accordingly before posting. Replacing letters with other characters is also considered evading the filters, and will be edited accordingly. Evading the filters is allowed in your own blog posts, but please do not go overboard with it.
14. Any sort of racial remark will be punished severely.
15. If you find that a staff member has edited your post, do not re-edit it, please leave it as it was.
16. Double posting without reason is also prohibited. If you have something important you wish to add, please ask a staff member for approval beforehand. You are allowed to double post in the Asylum and your own Art threads, as long as you have something new to add and are not just attempting to get more replies.
17. Users are only allowed one account. If you are found to have created multiple, all of them will be banned.
18. Please do not cause the screen to stretch and create horizontal scroll bars. If you are posting a large picture, consider using a hyperlink instead.
19. If a thread has received no replies in over a month, please refrain from posting in it. If you believe you have something constructive to add, ask a staff member for approval beforehand. Due to the nature of the Games forum, you are allowed to post in any thread regardless of the date. You may also do this in your own Art Threads, but if it has been a prolonged period of time, you may just wish to start a new thread. Finally, pinned threads are immune to this rule.
20. Please let the staff do their job. Do not attempt to correct any other members by any means. If you see someone in violation of the rules, it is encouraged that you tell a staff member.
21. Please do not ask to be a staff member. This will in fact lower your chances of getting a position on our team.
22. All spoilers are to be clearly marked up until 6 months after the item in question is released. After 6 months, it is up to your own discretion, although some exceptions may still apply.
23. The posting of suggestive or otherwise inappropriate images is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: Sexual innuendo, suggestive symbolism, racial imagery etc.
24. Please only advertise in the specified area.
25. Please make all requests in the specified Request Forum. Do not pester someone to complete your request, as you cannot force someone to do it. Also, do not request the same thing multiple times unless a significant amount of time has passed.
26. In the Debate Forum, please keep your discussion civilized. Flaming will be taken more seriously there. Also, be sure to back up your statements with facts.
27. In the Asylum, please do not make your threads pointlessly long.
28. Constructive criticism is encouraged, especially in the Art section. Everyone can always improve, so please feel free to offer any tips or suggestions you might have. A negative reaction to constructive criticism will be seen as flaming.
29. Anyone who has been banned for a disciplinary reason will not be let back under any circumstances.
30. Please attempt to refrain from hotlinking images from sites other than your own, as it wastes bandwidth. It is suggested that you use or photobucket for this purpose.
31. Please do not disclose any personal information other than your name. If you wish to tell someone more, please do so in private.
32. Despite the nature of the Asylum, some members may wish for their threads to take on a more serious atmosphere. We ask that you please respect their wishes in these circumstances. If you are unable to tell if that is what the thread creator intended, ask.
33. The creator of a blog has the right to request the removal of any and all posts from their blog threads. If you wish not to allow other posts in your blog, please notify a staff member.
34. Ignorance is not an excuse. Failing to read the rules is no ones fault but your own.

Warning Guidelines
Please note: The following list is only a set of guidelines. Further restrictions may be imposed at the staff’s discretion.
1. When a member receives a warn level of 50%, they will be suspended for at least 5 days. Each concurrent warn level increase will also lead to a suspension for an amount of time at the staff’s discretion.
2. Warn level may be reduced with Admin approval.
3. If one attains a warn level of 100%, they will be banned no matter what.

Affiliation Rules
1. You must become an active member. This means you must get past the 'new member' rank and get the 'member' rank. We don't want people coming, advertising, and then never being heard from again.
2. You must be either the owner of the site, or you are an administrator on it.
3. All potential affiliates must be checked out by us in order to see if they meet our qualifications.
4. If the person who submitted the affiliation request becomes inactive or is banned, their site will be removed from the affiliates box.
5. If the site itself becomes inactive, it will be removed from the affiliates box.

Signature Guidelines

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The width doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t stretch the screen; it's the height you have to watch.

Add this link to your favorites in order to check:

Click To See If Your Sig Is Within The Limits

Bookmark the link, and then go to a topic you've posted at, and click this link on your favorites and you'll see if you are within the limits.

The first offense will result in a verbal message asking you to fix your signature. The second will result in it being removed, and the third will result in a warning and removal of signature privileges for a specified amount of time. If you edit your signature and it is still too large, it will not count as a second or third offense.

Staff Rules

1. Editing a post without reason is prohibited.
2. Nothing is to be deleted whatsoever unless it is pornographic material.
3. The Staff is to follow every rule mentioned above, aside from those regarding double posting and the bumping of old threads.
4. Please move any and all threads closed due to violation of the rules to the Useless Stuff area. Check no when asked to leave a redirect link, as doing so will only clutter up the forum.
5. Punishment for any staff member found to be in violation of the rules will be more severe than that of a normal member. Due to staff unable to receive warnings, any offense will result in a suspension and/or temporary removal of privileges. We have to set an example.
6. Any action deemed to be an abuse of your power is prohibited.

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