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Title: Heart Rates Guide.
Description: Must Know.

Toan - September 20, 2008 11:52 PM (GMT)
[dohtml]<center><p style="line-height:4px;text-align:center !important;"><span style="font-size:25px !important;color: #99916a !important;font-family:poor richard !important;letter-spacing:2px !important; font-weight:bold;">heart rates</span><br><br><br><span style="color:000000 !important;font-family:small fonts !important;font-size:8px !important;">for all those love birds out there</span></p>

user posted image <font color="#000000">black</font><sup>hatred</sup><br>
user posted image <font color="#999999">gray</font><sup>dislike</sup><br>
user posted image <font color="#FFFFFF">white</font><sup>indifferent</sup><br>
user posted image <font color="#996699">purple</font><sup>acquaintences</sup><br>
user posted image <font color="#336699">blue</font><sup>friends</sup><br>
user posted image <font color="#99CC99">green</font><sup>good friends</sup><br>
user posted image <font color="#979773">yellow</font><sup>best friends/flirtatious</sup><br>
user posted image <font color="#FF9966">orange</font><sup>developed crush/dating</sup><br>
user posted image <font color="#FF9999">pink</font><sup>long-term dating/engaged</sup><br>
user posted image <font color="#993333">red</font><sup>married/loved.</sup><br><br>
<span style="color:000000 !important;font-family:small fonts !important;font-size:8px !important;">no you may not use my journal guide. i'm using it as an example.</span></p></center>
<font size=1><b><center>General</center></b>
Heart Rates have been seen in almost every Harvest Moon game to date, occasionally it's done differently, or it's hidden, but either way, it allows the player to check on the friendship rating and dating system through differently coloured hearts. Here is just the same, we use the same generic ten heart rate colours that have been seen through most of the games. <br><br>
Heart rates are a very important and delicate thing on FV, and need to be done with care to prevent any confusion or problems with your character's feelings. <i>You must keep the same amount of heart rates that we have, ten, and keep the same colours. However, an extra brown heart may be allowed for families such as siblings and parental figures, and a dark, deep red may be added for rivals in love. </i>This is purely optional though. <br><br>

When your character meets another, they should start out at the user posted image <font color="#FFFFFF">white</font> heart rate. You may not jump to green upon your first or second meeting, and you cannot be up to pink within five. Remember that building a relationship takes time, just as it does in the real world. Personalities also have a huge factor in the friendship and relationship issue. While a young teenage girl can go around and make friends like nothing, a withdrawn, cold boy with a tragic past may take up to a year to just hit green with someone.
<b><center>Heart Events</center></b>
Before you can marry, you have to go through a series of Heart Events, just like in the games. Each event will trigger after you've raised the Heart to the next event level. There's four required, though more can be added if desired. You will have to have seen all four before you can marry a specific person, making it extra difficult for the marriage requirement. This helps also prevent people from flying up the ladders in marriage. The events will activate once you've raised the heart color to user posted image <font color="#FFFFFF">white</font>, user posted image <font color="#996699">purple</font>, user posted image <font color="#336699">blue</font>, and user posted image <font color="#979773">yellow</font>.<br><br>

Generally, marriage should take place somewhere between the pink and red heart rate, and no earlier. Wedding Requirements are as follows, (but not limited to) a house, a double bed, a house expansion, a kitchen, and so on. more details can be found at the blacksmiths and the carpenters. <i>Both Character Must Be At Least At The Pink Heart Rate Level And One Must Have All The Housing Requirements Before Proposal!</i> You didn't think we were going to make this easy for you, did you? <br><br> If accepted, then the two players can set a date for the wedding. In the games, it tends to happen the Sunday after the proposal scene. Remember, a Blue Feather must be bought as the proposal item. Wedding rings aren't used in this valley. <br><br>
Time for the wedding, right? It can be a huge event, of which the couple could pm an admin and ask for it to be added to the event list, or it can be a tiny informal event where they only invite their closest friends. The couple should PM an admin or mod before the proposal so that they can make a date free to officiate it, or the couple could find a friend to officiate it instead. <br><br> After the Wedding, the characters that are married will more than likely spend more time with each other than with others. Friendships and so fourth should remain the same, but any heart rates higher than yellow should be cut for only the spouse. Yes, you can lower your spouse's heart rates, and yes, you can eventually get a divorce.


Pregnancy takes at least two seasons after marriage, twins are off limits, so don't even bother trying! There may be occasions when the female in the couple cannot get pregnant, this is normal, and honestly should be used to up the realism in the role play. Before having a child, the couple must PM Toan for verification. Having children before marriage is a very, very rare case and should be avoided at all costs, and more than likely, the answer will be no if you ask. It's better to ask before you do though, because we have the right to demand you go back and erase everything that had to do with having a child, sadly.
After three seasons, the child should be born. If you can't remember when the due date is, PM Toan and she will verify it. It's best to PM Toan anyhow, because your child's gender should be random, and she will PM you the gender. This isn't required, but we usually get an over population of male children instead of female, so it's best advised.
You may have a total of three children, though each child must be separated by at least eight seasons.

Timing is EVERYTHING when raising heart levels. In the next post is a basic guide of how many topics or seasons (depending on which you're more comfortable with) you should wait to raise the heart level from. Topics don't have to be counted post by post, you can estimate the amount of topics you've had together as long as you don't estimate two as seven.


Toan - September 20, 2008 11:53 PM (GMT)
[doHTML]<center><img src=""> - <img src=""> <br>
half a season<br>
two topics
<br><br><img src=""> - <img src=""> <br>
two seasons<br>
three topics
<br><br><img src=""> - <img src=""> <br>
two seasons<br>
five topics
<br><br><img src=""> - <img src=""> <br>
four seasons<br>
seven topics
<br><br><img src=""> - <img src=""> <br>
two seasons<br>
nine topics
<br><br><img src=""> - <img src=""> <br>
three seasons<br>
ten topics
<br><br><img src=""> - <img src=""> <br>
four seasons<br>
ten topics</center>[/doHTML]

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