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ghost - March 25, 2005 04:20 PM (GMT)

Feng Shui Taboos For The Home
For the bedroom, avoid overly Yang colors such as red. Gold colors are also not good, since this can cause poor sleep. Try to incorporate relaxing and subtle colors instead. Dragon images are also not a good idea for the bedroom.

Don’t install any water features (aquariums, fountains and the like) in bedrooms. This is considered unlucky. Spiky plants such as cacti in sleeping areas are also a Feng Shui no-no. On second thought, keep cacti and bonsai plants away from your home entirely! These plants exude poison arrows and are not auspicious for you.

Wooden overhead beams on ceilings in the home are not good, especially if you sleep below them! If removing them is not an option, hang auspicious items such as a wooden flute, a wood-based windchime or a faceted crystal above you. This will ‘soften’ the negative Qi and make it safe for you.

DiZi Bamboo Flute
Bamboo Wind Chime
Balinese Bamboo Wind Chime
Carry Along Chi Crystal
Crystal Gourd

If your front door is right below the stairs in your home, this is deemed inauspicious since bad Qi can collect in this area. Try relocating your main door to another spot, or simply place a lovely potted plant at the stair area.

Miniature ships are wonderful symbols of wealth attainment. But, remember to point the mass towards the interior of your home and not facing a door or window. This may lead to your wealth ‘sailing’ away! This goes the same for your chan chu, or Money Toad too. Don’t direct its head towards a window or door – keep it nosed towards the home.

When you make a purchase of crystals for Feng Shui or healing purposes, do not immediately put them to use – remember to cleanse them for the best usage. Cleansing a crystal is easy, simply submerge your crystals in a basin of distilled water overnight and you’re set! I have found that this is infinitely easier (and more fuss-free) than procuring seawater or sea salts for this purpose.

Do not place your Buddha statues and figurines in the kitchen or bedroom. The best places are the dining room, lounge or living room – basically, areas where family or friends converge. Don’t place your Buddha on the floor, but place it on an elevated area.

Do not have fireplaces or red lampshades in the East or Northwest location for year 2005. In the year of the Wood Rooster, these areas house the malignant stars #2 Black and #5 Yellow and the Fire element will only strengthen these stars’ negative influences. If removal of the Fire element influence is not possible, heavily decorate these areas with Yang natured Metal cures to weaken the Earth element of this area.

Tien Lung The Heavenly Dragon
Brass Dragon with Pearl Globe
The Brass Carp of Success
The Guardian Weapons

This one is for students and scholars – try not to step over your books! This is bad for your academic outcome. Always handle your tomes with care and caution.

ghost - March 25, 2005 04:20 PM (GMT)
Tips For The Chinese New Year Celebrations!
Before the Chinese New year, all the followers will conduct a thorough cleaning of their homes. This is to ensure the BEST fresh Qi reception into your home for the Chinese New Year! Turn this into a family project and double-check to make sure that your home is spanking clean.

Firecrackers are let off to cleanse the ‘whole year’. If this is not a good option with you, the next best thing is to utilize incense to simulate the smoke created by the firecrackers. Scent up all the get-together areas such as the lounge, living room and dining room with some lovely scented incense.

Wu Lou Incense Burner

Phoenix Brass Incense Burner

The Qi Cleansing Kit

On the Chinese New Year day itself, you’re not allowed to do any housework. No vacuuming and sweeping away any debris, since this denotes to ‘sweeping’ away the good luck that has entered and settled into your home. Chastising children is also a no-no, so let them have all the fun they want this auspicious day.

A Chinese New Year celebration is never complete without mandarin oranges and red packets! These items are the quintessential must-haves for a proper celebration. Have a huge bowl of mandarins handy, and do offer them to everyone present. Mandarins signify prosperity, longevity and good fortune. Red packets, or Ang Pows as called by the Chinese, are usually filled with coins and given to children annually until they get married. You can give them Chinese coins, or real currency (the children will probably prefer the latter!).

And Pow 9(Hung Pao) Packet (with Gold Coins)

3 Coins Tied in Red Thread (set of 3)

Greet your family members, friends and guests with a hearty “Gong Xi Fa Chai!” This is the greeting for the auspicious day, and it is translated to “have a happy and prosperous new year!”

Of course, the Chinese New Year signifies the year of the Rooster, too! Decorating your home with the image of the Rooster is very auspicious, since you will be tapping into its good luck. Remember to place your Rooster item in a conspicuous area.

Rooster of Fidelity

The Golden Rooster

Chinese Horoscope Animas: The Rooster

Dress up your brood and yourself in eye-popping red clothes for Chinese New Year. Red is a bright, happy color and is believed to be able to bring the wearer a sunny and bright future. Many people also believe that the appearance and attitude we put forth during New Year’s Day sets the tone for the whole year. So remind everyone to be their best!

Keep knives, scissors and other sharp implements in drawers or simply keep them out of sight. These items are very unlucky for the Chinese New Year, since it is believed that they can ‘cut’ our luck in pieces.

If you can, pay off all your debts. This is a very auspicious action for the Chinese New Year.

ghost - March 25, 2005 04:36 PM (GMT)
First, place your room location in your Tian Yi, or Heavenly Doctor location. If this is not an option, the next best thing to do is to simply position your head to 'face' this health-rich location. If you are one half of a couple? Easy. First, identify both your Gua numbers. Sleep in the location of the main breadwinner, and face the position of the second Gua number. Easily done!

What is your Gua Number? Type in your details and report includes personalized recommendations.
Gua Calculator

Once you have implemented this for yourself and your loved ones, the battle is already half won. Next, you'll need to utilize some Feng Shui cures in your home - the fun part!

Cranes are a very auspicious image of a long, fruitful life. It has the ability to protect you and other dwellers from illnesses, too. Plus, who isn't charmed by the crane's graceful form? Place the crane image in the lounge or living room - areas that you and family spend most of your time together.

The Longevity Duo
The Welcoming Cranes
Yellow Crane Tower Scroll

We spend 1/3 of our time in bedrooms sleeping, and it's amazing how sometimes we forget to cleanse this area from old, non-moving Qi. A good Qi flow is always conducive to health, and you can even think clearer and perform activities better in a cleansed area. Qi cleansing entails the utilization of a Tibetan singing bowl, a bell, a mallet and some delicious sandalwood incense. The ringing tones of 7 metals wrought into the bowl and bell will instantly bring freshness to an area, and incense is used to purify the air from stale Qi. For a blessed Christmas, why not conduct this cleansing in all areas of the home before Christmas eve?

The Qi Cleansing Kit

The auspicious trinity Gods of Fu, Lu and Shou are well-known and much-beloved deities in every Oriental home. But, if it's an auspicious dose to health and longevity you're after, it is highly recommended for you to use the god Shou alone. The God Shou, or Sau, is known for his benevolence and ability to bestow good health to those who love him. Place this item in convergence places at home such as the lounge and dining room - don't forget to place this revered item in an elevated height.

Shou, The Longevity God
The God of Longevity

I'm sure that all of you know that health Feng Shui is never complete without a wu lou, or gourd! As you might know, the image of the gourd is arguably the most potent symbol for health and longevity. The best wu lous are made of metal, since its make is also effective in weakening malignant stars, according to the book of Flying Stars.

Place your metal gourd in the Southwest location this year - the Southwest happens to be the annual home of the 'Sickness Star' #2 Black. So this is double-whammy Feng Shui - you get to enjoy the effects of a strong health symbol, and weaken the effects of a negative location at the same time!

6-Emperor Coin Brass Wu Lou
Mini Brass Wu Lou (set of two)
Golden Wu Lou of Life

The cicada is a well-known symbol for marriage luck and great comebacks, but did you know that this charming creaking symbol is also good for youthful happiness? In times when you feel quite jaded about life and feel your skepticism take over your mental health, simply charge up with the symbolic power of the cicada. Great placed next to beds and kitchen areas.

Brass Cicada on Bamboo
Jade Cicada Tassel

These tips are easy and quick to implement - so don't hesitate to make sure that your Christmas is memorable and full of happiness and laughter with these Feng Shui ideas!

ghost - March 25, 2005 04:48 PM (GMT)
The home entrance includes the driveway and front door of your home. Following our Tips ensure a healthy, protected family and an easier flow of Qi. Have fun!

The entrance to our homes marks the separation between our very own dwelling-place and the outside. We all want our cubbyholes to be cozy and restful, and we all certainly wish no harm to befall the occupants at any time. It's just prudence for us to take all the precautions into account to prevent our peaceful abodes from being polluted and at the same time be able to collect Good Qi. Malevolent energy forces and Bad Qi are always around us both from outside and inside the home, but we can keep them at bay. Here's how!

Pay attention to your gate and fence specifics. A solid-built gate will ensure your home's security. The best gate design for a home is regular rectangular-shaped or arch-shaped to symbolize the uplift of life and stability.

A point to consider for your fence is the types with pointed arrows. These are good for keeping the burglars and negative Qi at bay. But do beware, because the points act as poison arrows if directed towards your home and depletes growth - this may lead to downfall for you and loved ones.

Feng Shui-wise, there should be no tapering walls along the driveway to your home. A depletion of finances is bound to occur with walls along the driveway that tapers towards your home. Keep it on the same height for the whole length.

Make your visible drainage pipe 'disappear'. Conceal any visible running drainage pipes if you had them installed around your house. These pipes may 'drain away' wealth luck and prosperity as well. However, if you do want to collect Qi right in from of your home, a small pond of water with fishes will do the trick. Never use a fountain for this purpose, though, as water from a fountain are considered Shar Qi, or bad Qi.

Incorporate ascending steps towards the entrance door. If for your doorsteps follow downwards instead, hang a wind chime between the door and stairs to slow down the descending Qi from your home.

Balinese Bamboo Wind Chime
Protective Metal Wind Chime
The 22-Rod Metal Wind Chime of Harmony

Let's move on to the house. Inside your home, the entrance area should not be hindered. Have no immediate walls to greet the person walking in the entrance. This acts as a barrier to good Qi and is bad for your home and you. If you do have an obstructing wall, hang an inviting welcome picture to attract energy. A pair of Fu Dogs at your entrance facing outwards is a protective Feng Shui measure.

Large Fu Dogs
Marble Fu Dogs
The Guardian Fu Dogs (Gold)

There shouldn't be any stairs at the entrance area, either, since the Qi will rush upstairs without circulating the level floor. Spiral stairs are also a Feng Shui no-no. If your home unfortunately has stairs at that area, add potted plants or a screen in front of it to slow down the movement of Qi. A round rug at the foot of the stairs will allow the Qi to circulate.

Installing a crystal item placed on a table close to the stairs is also very effective in allowing the healthy flow of Qi.

Amethyst Crystal Ball
Aventurine Crystal Mandarin Ducks
Three Chan Chus and A Crystal Ball

I hope these tips will be useful for you in creating a good flow of Qi into your homes. But, do remember that nothing is more valuable than having good family harmony and closeness. Since Christmas will be around the corner very soon, it will be a great time and opportunity for you to foster this closeness.

ghost - March 25, 2005 04:58 PM (GMT)
If your child is not sleeping well at night, position the bed according to his or her Sheng Chi or Nien Yin direction. This will bring about restful sleep and serenity to the children.
Gua Calculator

A child's bedroom is also a room for play and activity for day. It's a good idea to paint the room with warm Yang colors such as red, orange or yellow to stimulate alertness and brain activity. But, come nighttime, warm colors will definitely make your child restless and unable to sleep because of its excessive Yang properties. To solve this problem, simply adjust the lighting and curtains at sundown every day. This way, your child can enjoy both worlds - a Yang, active atmosphere for day and a peaceful Yin bedroom at night!

Crystals are great cures for children's bedroom. It disperses negative Qi and its multifaceted surface helps in bringing energy, brightness and light to your child. Place these items on your child's desk - if you're worried about them breaking and hurting your child, simply place them in an elevated height.

Amethyst Crystal Ball
Potted Rose Quartz Crystal Tree
The Pearl Of Heaven Crystal

Bunk beds, or double-story beds are never a good idea for young children. There's always the alarming possibility of them rolling off during their sleep - and in Feng Shui, the child that sleeps in the bottom bed is being 'compressed', and might not perform as well as he or she should.

If there is a television or a computer in the bedroom, do cover it up with a piece of cloth or a rug in the evening. The young ones might not sleep as well with the reflective screens. When the need to use them arises, simply pull off the cover.

A wind chime is wonderful for children's bedroom. The soft tinkling of metal wind chimes or the clacks of wooden ones are soothing to a child. Don't hang it directly above their beds, though.

Bamboo Wind Chime
Silver 24 Rods Metal Wind Chime
5 Tier Pagoda Wind Chime

Clutter may be the number one problem in a kid's bedroom! As we all know, a messy room is never conducive to an even, smooth flow of good Qi. Your child might even become disoriented and unable to think clearly with the disturbance of clutter. Do provide lots colorful storage bins in the room and encourage your child to store the toys away every evening. This way, you're clearing up space for good Qi flow and instilling a good life-long habit, too.

The image of a smiling Buddha is always a good feature for children. It's relaxed, cheerful stance is conducive to a child's happiness and overall well-being. Plus, what child could resist but love the Buddha's friendly, tubby form? Place this venerable image at an elevated height in the bedroom.

Buddha With Children
Laughing Buddha (Rosewood)
Laughing Buddha (With a Sack)

I hope these easily implemented tips will be a great help to you and your child or children. Make their bedrooms an auspicious haven for them day and night. Let them play to their heart's content but do let the lights go low in the evening and keep the bedroom tidy to prepare for a restful, quiet sleep.

ghost - March 25, 2005 04:59 PM (GMT)
Utilize your best direction, Sheng Chi, by performing your work activity in this area. If this is not possible for you in the office, just reposition your work table directed towards one of your other best directions (when you are sitting, your eyes should be towards the direction).

Making your own Wealth bowls, or pots, symbolize wealth into your home or office and is derived from various Feng Shui schools. Find a bowl or pot with a fat middle and tapering mouth (to 'trap' wealth!). Then, fill it with coins in a red packet, Chinese coins tied with red thread, semiprecious crystals and small animal figurines. You can even add rice! Pile into your bowl or pot and squirrel it away into a cupboard or other closeted areas.

Or, if you're too busy and don't have the time to scout for these individual items, ready-made Wealth bowls, vases or pots are available.

Lucky Wealth Vase Set (Medium)
Buddha Wealth Pot

Make use of Flying Stars! Try to avoid both the Central and Southwest location of both the home and the office for year 2004. These areas are not conducive to our happiness and prosperity, let alone wealth luck! If this is not possible, how about placing an item that symbolizes Wealth in these locations with metal make? This weakens the negative stars' Earth element effectively, plus its wealth properties will help you.

The Fierce Dragon
Brass Chanchu On a Ba Gua
Brass Dragon With Pearl Globe
The Brass Ru Yi

Invest in an aquarium to up your wealth factor! Water is very conducive to ushering in Wealth, provided that it is placed in the proper location. Purchase a few fish to get the water moving, and make sure you clean your aquarium when it gets dirty. It's important for the water in your aquarium to stay fresh at all times. For year 2004, place your aquarium in the Northeast location to activate the benevolent #8 Star. If your Northeast location is not a good or proper place for the aquarium, positioning your tank to face the Northeast is the next best thing to do.

Slip Chinese coins tied with red thread among your work books such as ledgers, educational tomes and office-related references. Chinese coins are potent symbols of wealth, and red thread is said to effectively activate the Qi of the item it's strung on.

3 Coins Tied In Red Thread (set of 3)
Gold I-Ching Coins (set of 3)
Ang Pow (Hung Pao) Packet (With Gold Coins)

Gold ingots, like Chinese coins, are powerful symbols of wealth attainment. They were even once used as modes of currency! Pop your gold ingots anywhere you like, especially in areas where you perform your work activity.

Gold Ingot Collection
Little Gold Ingots (set of 12)

ghost - March 25, 2005 04:59 PM (GMT)
Achieving love is not difficult once you have the basics down pat: sleep with your head pointing towards your Nien Yin, or Relationship direction and you’re halfway done. Make use of your Kua number to ascertain your Nien Yin direction.

Kua Calculator

For married partners or couples who live together, the best arrangement to suit both your needs is to sleep in a bedroom located in the female’s Nien Yin corner and sleeping with both your heads pointing towards the male’s Nien Yin direction.

For an added boost to your love life or even bringing back that spark in the bedroom, place some love-rich items in your Nien Yin location for a dose of symbolism love luck!

Auspicious Love Kit
Jade Mandarin Ducks Tassel
Mystic Knot Tassel For Lovers
Twin Love Turtles

Keep rose quartz crystals close to you at all times. Feng Shui enthusiasts are now turning to using crystals in their everyday lives because not only does each and every crystal have unique properties that affect you in different ways, the reflection of crystals are able to break up and disperse unwanted Qi for this precious area. Rose Quartz is often called the ‘love stone’ because of its ability to stimulate passion as well as energy and confidence.

Remember to cleanse your crystals with purified water first. Place these items on the office desk, by the bed, even in your handbag. Necklaces with this venerable crystal are also very good for this purpose.

For home, office or car decoration:
Love Crystal Tree
Potted Rose Quartz Crystal Tree
Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks

To put on or take with you in your handbag:

Portable Rose Quartz Crystal Ball
Rose Quartz Chi Zi Fruit Necklace
Rose Quartz Wu Lou Necklace

Ensure that your bed is not placed under an overhead beam. This spells inauspicious Qi and its negativity would inevitably tamper with your love life.

Make use of these tips given and I promise you that your love life will prosper upwards. For those who seek further personalized information, nothing can beat the BaZi Relationship Analysis Report.

BaZi Relationship Analysis Report

Our BaZi Astrology Reports are a new addition and we’re delighted with their quick popularity among our customers. BaZi is a time-honored Chinese Astrology divination that can peer into your present with clarity and emphasize on the future so that you have the ability to make informed decisions in your love life.

This report will uncover your good and bad luck cycles as well as recommendations on plans of action you should take for a fulfilling, passionate love life. All you need to do is key in your birth data alone!

So do follow my tips and enjoy the added romantic boost to your life. Here’s blessings to a wonderful love life for you.

ghost - March 25, 2005 04:59 PM (GMT)
Tips on Feng Shui-ing your car.
A lot of people experience immediate lethargy and sleepiness as soon as they hit the road. Tying a red tassel with bells attached can ease this sudden fatigue considerably. Red, a strong Yang color is known as a symbol of ‘healthy blood’ and it activates the bells’ curative properties. While the bells itself, tinkling delightfully next to you, has strong cleansing properties to shake off the negative Qi that follows you right into your vehicle.

Sounds of Good Fortune
3 Coins and Bell Set
Receiver Of Good Fortune

Keeping your car clean is essential. Throw away fast food packaging, candy wrappers, receipts and so on. Your car must at all times retain a spotless, clean and fresh environment to nurture the healthy flow of good Qi. Clutter and dirt will detract the Qi from your car and instead be a welcome mat for unwanted bad Qi.

Crystals are wonderful facilitators to a healthy body and mind. I know some people who are even convinced that crystals have the power to cure chronic ailments! That aside, crystals are easy to maintain and they look very good just about anywhere in the car. For concentration, an agate crystal ball is a great item for your car. A clear quartz gourd-shaped crystal is a proven remedy for nausea and is symbolic to great health as well.

Other than its medicinal properties, take note that crystals are also great tools to break up and disperse stagnant Qi in your car. Remember to cleanse the crystals first in purified water and place them close by you in the car for optimum crystal energy!

Portable Blue Agate Crystal Ball
Multifaceted Crystal Gourd Tassel
Crystal Gourd

How about decorating your car with a fluffy cushion or two? These can easily promote some needed Yin energy in the car to ensure calmness and tranquility. Plus, pillows are always comforting for friends and family in your car!

Tassels are great additions to the rearview mirror. Not only will it give your vehicle a little Oriental pizzazz, tassels are well loved by the Chinese for its symbolic nature as well. Pi You tassels, for one, work for your car just as Fu Dogs and Qi Lins do for your home, albeit on a smaller scale.

Tassel of Protection
Little Jade Pi You Tassels

Soft music is the way to go for a smooth, joyful ride. Does slow music make you sleepy? Perhaps you are more suited to faster, catchier songs. Do refrain from overly loud instruments and screaming vocals, though, because people tend to drive in time with loud, fast music and that can be dangerous.

ghost - March 25, 2005 05:01 PM (GMT)
Kitchen Feng Shui

The kitchen should ideally be located in the Tien Yi, of Heavenly Doctor direction of the main breadwinner of the home. This area can be located with the usage of the Kua number.

Kua Calculator

Can’t relocate your kitchen to this corner? Just make sure that your kitchen’s ‘fire mouth’ – your stove, oven or microwave – is facing the Tien Yi direction.

Your kitchen stove, oven or other major cooking implement is associated with the Fire element and is understandably very Yang in nature. Try not to position these items facing the front or back door of your home, for disperses the good Qi from your home. If this is unavoidable, consider an addition of a screen in the kitchen to block out the view.

Consequently, the Fire and Water elements of your kitchen should not be located too close together since these two elements clash if one is placed against the other. Don’t position your stove, oven or microwave to close to your sink or refrigerator.

Porcelain is a wonderful Earth element to compliment the Yang element of the kitchen. Plus, porcelain can sustain high levels of heat and looks wonderful with the rest of your serving implements as well.

Porcelain Collection

Kitchens should generally be clean and tidy. The best Qi flows in the kitchen when it is uncluttered, so do avoid from decorating your kitchen too much with bric-a-brac and trinkets. But you should definitely use color to brighten up the kitchen! I suggest sunny Yang colors such as yellow, orange and red for the kitchen and lounge. This encourages positive activity and promotes warmth in the kitchen.

Crystals are also wonderful items for the kitchen. Not only is its twinkle a great pick-me-up after a long day, crystals are also reputed to be able to cleanse an area from unwanted Qi through its multifaceted reflection. We recommend a pretty crystal tree by your larder or countertop.

Little Amethyst Crystal Tree

Potted plants are great cover-ups for sharp corners in the kitchen. Plus, they look very cheerful.

Hang picture frames of food and fruit on the walls of your kitchen. Pictures of oranges are especially beneficial, since the word ‘orange’ sounds very much like ‘gold’ in the Cantonese dialect of China (now you know why the orange fruit is very popular with the Chinese!).

The Three Luck Gods Fu Lu Shou are symbolic to wealth, health and prosperity. Sculptures of these benevolent gods should be placed close to the eating area of the kitchen for a dose of symbolism luck. Remember to place these items on an elevated height.

Pewter Fu Lu Shou

ghost - March 25, 2005 05:09 PM (GMT)
With your Kua number, you can ascertain your studying sector in your home, which is the Tien Yi, or Heavenly Doctor sector. If you can, relocate your studying desk to this most ideal spot. You’re halfway done to start hitting the books in great Feng Shui condition!

If this idea is not feasible to your home’s architecture, the next best thing to do is to just conduct your studies in the direction of the Northeast, an area conducive to facilitating academic success.

The Flying Stars, or Xuan Kong, can also be used to utilize the precious #4 Green star location. #4 Green is the star to look up to in order to liven up your academic pursuits. For 2004, the annual placement of the #4 Green star is in the Southeast direction.

A tank filled with water and pretty water plants are conducive for your academic purposes, so do install a one in the Southeast area. Since the #4 Green star is also a haven for romance, a still water feature will work twice as hard for your love life as well. Remember, fishes are a no-no for our purposes.

Books should be placed in bookcases with doors to eliminate negative Qi caused by poison arrow edges of open shelves. Store your books in the Northeast section of you study rooms. Refrain from using glass shelves in North area & wooden shelves in the East, Northeast or center of room.

Avoid from putting up posters and storing publications depicting sexual, violent, lewd and war-related content in your study room. These items promote negative Qi and might block out the studious aura you want to cultivate in the room.

Place a statue of the Heavenly Kuan Kung by your study table. A statue of Kuan Kung, the God of Literature among other things, will benefit you with its symbolism of aid to anyone in need.

Saturate the aura of your study area with other enriching endeavors such as practicing musical instruments, meditation and prayers. This way, the creative flow is manifested in the study room and will encourage you in your brainstorming sessions.

Qi makes its way into your home and room through doors. Do not place your desk with your back behind the door of your study room, since this will negate the effects of good Qi that enters. Sit facing the door and you will not go far wrong in your studies.

Crystals are wonderful Feng Shui energizers. It breaks up and disperses negative Qi while at the same time dispels all manners of ills from your person. Invest in crystals for your study room to magnify studying success.

PJ_Quek - March 25, 2005 05:09 PM (GMT)

ghost - March 25, 2005 05:10 PM (GMT)
The husband's Kua is the direction a couple should follow for family luck. Sleep in his Yan Nian direction to enhance fertility and promote spousal well-being. You can consult the Kua Calculator to determine this.

Elephants are said to symbolize fertility and virility. They can also create auspicious descendants' Qi. Place an elephant statue by the West or Northwest direction. If you wish for a son, lodge a stone on the back of the statue.

Throw on your rattiest clothes and paint the Southwest wall of your bedroom any color from the yellow family to signify earth and motherhood. Paint the West and Northwest walls white for fatherhood.

A laughing Buddha statue with children climbing all over him symbolizes the joy of children. Thus, it can facilitate the laughter and happiness of your own future children to your home. Display the statue prominently in the East direction of the bedroom.

Do not cut any trees or remove any hills or mounds from the Northwest area of your home, for this represents the support of the father and in turn, symbolizes protection for you and your family.

Refrain from decorating your home with fierce pictures of predatory animals in aggressive poses. These images will fail to nurture and consequently will 'kill' the warm fertile ambience you are striving for.

Dragon symbols are strongly Yang in nature and are almost always restricted from being placed in the bedroom for such properties. But in the case of trying to conceive a child, it is a perfectly good idea to place a small dragon representation next to the bed to conjure up the precious Yang energy to aid conception. Hang a tassel with a bronze dragon or a small dragon charm next to the bed for this purpose.

ghost - March 25, 2005 05:25 PM (GMT)
Land formation that may result in the loss of beneficial qi, leading to bad Feng Shui and dwindling fortunes. I usually refer to this formation as "the sloping courtyard".

This occurs when your house is facing a piece of land not entirely level. In Feng Shui, as we well know, the front of a building represents the area occupied by the Phoenix, bringer of fortune and opportunities. When the open area, such as your courtyard or road, slopes downwards away from the house, then beneficial qi could easily roll away from your house.

Most often this occurs to houses built on slopes, with a road going downhill right outside the main door. Often, such formations result in qi rushing downhill without stopping to collect and meander outside the main door. This translates to a lot of missed opportunities for the occupants, even if they may be not aware of it.

As always landform Feng Shui takes a bit more effort and is slightly more complex to cure but the end result is always worth it. An effective cure to the situation comes in two parts.

Firstly, the qi needs to be slowed down just enough to collect and meander outside the door. Placing potted plants just outside the main door is a great way to do this. An awning over the entrance might also be a good idea. For shops and businesses, use your signboards and/or sandwich boards outside the entrance. Try to place these qi obstacles on the lower side of the slope, so that qi can then collect in front of the premises.

Secondly, the collected qi needs to be activated; otherwise the occupants of the building will not enjoy the positive Qi. Windchimes are a great solution, since every chime activates qi in the immediate area. In this case, it would be best to use larger windchimes, which is not only more durable, but also louder, to activate more qi. A good example of this type of windchime is our Tranquility Metal Wind Chime.

You could also use our 3 Coins and Bell Set to tie on the door handle inside. The coins and bell can be used either on its own, or together with windchimes, though we've found through experience that a combination of both works much better.

The sloping courtyard formation is not limited to hillsides however, since all that it needs is a slight slope away from the house. As such, having a driveway that is too steep could also lead to this formation and loss of qi.

ghost - March 25, 2005 05:26 PM (GMT)
Feng Shui objects and cures should be used properly, since different alignments and locations have differing impacts on the premises. Improper usage of Feng Shui cures could cause many complications.

Dragons are one of the most popular Feng Shui cures. When applied correctly, the Dragon is said to boost one's dynamism and wealth luck.

They are also one of the most misapplied of Feng Shui cures, however. Dragons are Yang by nature, and would be out of place in certain areas. There are certain rules you should be aware of when it comes to Dragons.

Do not place a Dragon in your bedroom. The bedroom should be a serene and peaceful, conducive to sleep and rest.
Do not place a Dragon in washrooms, baths, or laundry rooms. These places represent dirty water, and might affect the natural vitality of the Dragon.
Do not place a Dragon such that it faces the door of washrooms, baths, or laundry rooms. The alignment of the Dragon is as important as its location.
Never place a Dragon besides a cremation urn. The urn represents death and is very Yin. Such a location could negatively impact your wealth luck.
Do not place Dragons besides altars or shrines. Places of worship are Yin and would dampen the Dragon's spirit.
Dragons should not be placed in the kitchen. Though the kitchen is a Yang, bustling place, its energies are more family oriented, while the Dragon's energies are more favorable for the career.
The phoenix is another popular Feng Shui cure that is often misapplied. The Phoenix signifies feminine Yin energies, and is often used to improve relationship luck or rekindle the flame in an existing relationship.

Do not place the Phoenix in the office or business premises, where activity and Yang qualities are very important. Exceptions can be made if the business deals in feminity or love, but even then the Phoenix should be limited only to the shop, and not placed in the administrative office itself.
Do not over-activate your romance luck with a Phoenix if you already have a happy relationship and enjoy a good sex life. Over-activation could cause partners - and even ourselves - to commit infidelity. Use common sense before using a Phoenix in such circumstances.
Do not place a Phoenix in the rooms of small children. The Phoenix is more appropriate for adults, due to its energies.
Though you can keep more than one Phoenix, do not face any of them towards any exits, as this signifies love deserting the premises.
Tigers are also recognized cures, both in Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. The Tiger is a Yang animal, which is noted for its courage, and hence used not only as a personality enhancer, but to ward against evil as well.

However, it is considered bad Feng Shui to keep images of roaring or attacking animals like tigers in the house, especially in the bedroom. The Tigers we keep should look benign, so as not to negatively affect the occupants of the house.

Stuffed animals, whether a complete or partial one, are another Feng Shui taboo. Objects like these signify death and are sources of malignant qi that could cause harm over extended periods of time, if kept inside the house.

While all these "do not's" may seem inhibiting at first, they're not. It just takes a bit of getting used to, and speaking from my personal experience, this doesn't take long at all.

ghost - March 25, 2005 05:30 PM (GMT)
In Feng Shui, the master bedroom is one of the three most important locations in the house, the others being the main entrance, and the kitchen. Its importance is due to the fact that we spend approximately a third of our lives in bed.
Hence, if we sleep in a good spot facing a good direction, then most likely we would be subject to substantial amounts of propitious positive, and prosper.

So, how to choose where to sleep? The answer to this question is two-fold; both the bed and the bedroom itself need to be considered.

First, let's have a look at the simpler solution, the bed.

Position your bed so that you sleep facing one of your good directions, as determined by your Kua number. You can calculate your Kua number with our Kua Calculator.

Which of the four directions should you face while sleeping? It depends, really. If you want to improve your wealth and career luck, then sleep facing your Sheng Qi.

If you've been feeling unwell, or if you want to receive help from mentors, sleep facing your Tian Yi.

To improve your luck in relationships, networking, and romance, then face your Yan Nian.

If you wish to do better in your studies, or wish to achieve peace of mind, especially through meditation, then you should sleep facing your Fu Wei.

To make the best of your bed and sleeping direction, here are some do's and don'ts.

Do not sleep under an exposed overhead beam, no matter how tempting it might be. A beam would exert pressure on whomever that sleeps directly under it, and most likely over time you'll feel depressed and lethargic, even after a good night's sleep.

Do not sleep facing a mirror, which would reflect external energies and onto your person. The effects are somewhat similar to sleeping under beams.

Do not place Yang symbols in the bedroom, such as Dragons. Bedrooms are Yin places, and the Dragon would be out of place there.

Do not place Yang objects like the television in the bedroom. If you must have a television set there, simply keep it covered when you go to sleep.

Do place by the bedside highly symbolic objects, as it is said that being in the company of symbolic objects for long periods can improve one's luck in various aspects.

For instance, if you want to enhance your personality, then place by your bedside zodiac animal symbols.

If you want to improve your health luck, then the item should be the Wu Lou.

If you want to improve your wealth luck, then place by your bedside coins or wealth frogs.

To improve your love, relationship, and romance luck, keep items like mandarin ducks.

If you feel that all that I've mentioned here so far is not enough, then you could give Flying Star Feng Shui a try. You can follow the link to learn more about Flying Star Feng Shui.

Once you have a grasp of Flying Star Feng Shui, you can use it to choose a good location for your bedroom. The bedroom should be located in an area with good Mountain Stars. This is because Mountain Stars govern people, and good Mountain stars will have a good effect on the people residing in the house.

I realise that all of this seem like a lot of information, but don't let it intimidate you. Just try one or two of the more simpler tips, and work slowly up from there. You may even find yourself pleasantly surprised at the changes in your life.

The bedroom is more than a place for rest. For those in the know, like you, the bedroom is a place of great possibilities, and could well be the starting point from which you improve the very standards of your life. All it takes is a bit of effort and time.

ghost - March 25, 2005 05:31 PM (GMT)
As you may very well know, mirrors are very popular Feng Shui cures. You can't go through ten Feng Shui books or websites without finding something about mirrors in eight of them. The reason for the mirror's popularity in Feng Shui is its versatility. Mirrors are reputed to do many things, depending on who you ask. I'll be sharing with you some of the more popular applications; some fundamental, others more modern, and all will be explained along with some when using mirrors in Feng Shui applications.

Mirrors of protection

Protection of the premises is the most traditional use of mirrors in Feng Shui. A small mirror, placed above entrances, can deflect sha qi away from the premises, where it would otherwise wreak havoc upon the occupants, otherwise. This is not to say that the mirror can differentiate between good and bad qi. It will deflect good and bad qi alike; it is up to the user to place it appropriately. Entrances and openings that face poison arrows like junctions, cracks in the sky, etc., are good candidates for the mirror.

Hence the use of the bagua mirror, which is a mirror fortified with the symbols of the bagua in the Early Heaven arrangement. Mirrors such as these could be plain, concave, or convex. Of the three, the convex mirror is considered the most 'aggressive', as qi deflected off it could harm others, like your neighbours, or even good ol' Spot in his kennel.

Take note of certain details regarding the mirror. Firstly, bagua mirrors should be restricted to the exterior of the house, as they are considered too active for the interior. Secondly, in Feng Shui, everything is governed by scale. Hence it would be unrealistic to expect a mirror (bagua'ed or otherwise) to completely deflect incoming sha qi from the extremely busy six-lane junction directly opposite your door.

Where possible, if the Sha Qi attacking your door is really severe, you may want to consider using another door or tilting your existing one.

A big Do Not Do

A serious "Do Not Do" is sleeping directly facing a mirror. Facing an exposed mirror for the entire duration of your sleep, day after day, is not a good idea. Qi deflected off the mirror and onto your person will play havoc with your internal energies; your body, trying to rest, would receive active qi, and most likely disturb your good nights sleep. A few nights of that and you will definitely feel lethargic in the morning and less than productive.

If a mirror directly faces your bed, simply angle it away if it is movable, or place it under a shroud when you sleep.

Making an area more Yang

In some houses where the rooms are long and the windows are not large enough, light coming through the window do not reach the other side of the room. This space could be excessively Yin, and even gather stagnated qi. Needless to say, this is not desirable.

Place a mirror so that it would reflect sunlight into the "dead" area, resulting in a livelier room. Be careful in doing this. The mirror should reflect sunlight into the room and not straight back out the window. If the latter happens, then most likely the room would end up worse than before.

Hiding poison arrows in the house

This is a rather minor application, in my opinion. Some Feng Shui experts suggest using mirrors to hide protruding corners and pillar edges that serve as poison arrows. While sharp edges could indeed be poison arrows, do remember that in Feng Shui everything is governed by scale. Big edges (like mountains and glaciers) mean big poison arrows, while small edges (like tables and pillars) make for small poison arrows. Hence, while using mirrors to hide sharp edges is a proper application, you could give it a skip if you want to.


In conclusion, mirrors are very useful, Feng Shui-wise, and you should consider incorporating them into your home as the situation requires it.There is no need to start investing heavily in mirrors unless you do see a problem that can be addressed with one. Often, there may be other cures that you can still consider. Do be careful, however, and use your good judgement, because mirrors can cause as much harm as good if incorrectly used.

ghost - March 25, 2005 05:45 PM (GMT)
Workplace tips.

Take advantage of your best directions

Use our Kua Calculator to determine your Kua number as well as best directions.

Once you have your best directions, have your desk face your best direction. If this is not possible, then try to go for one of the other three directions.

Improve your Career Luck

Another way to score some points with senior management and your boss, is of course, by improving your Career luck. This can be achieved by keeping objects that symbolizes the attainment of abundance, wealth, and success.

One such object is the The Brass Ru Yi, a traditional cure for improving one's Career luck. The Ru Yi is a sceptre, representing power and authority, and is especially popular among officials seeking advancement. Placing a Ru Yi in the office has in fact, become a tradition among the powerful and influential.

You could also make use of Dragons to improve your career luck. It is said that by placing a Dragon on your desk, you are discreetly asserting your dominance over those who stand before you, adding to your natural charisma. It could very well provide the push you need. Most Dragons will do quite adequately, though I'm quite fond of the Supreme Imperial Dragon myself.

For more pronounced results in improving your career luck, face your best direction, Sheng Chi, as much as possible. Determine easily your best directions with our Kua Calculator.

Make use of Flying Star Feng Shui

If you're experiencing problems or obstacles at your workplace, it might be due to unfavorable Flying Stars.

Flying Star Feng Shui principles state that the quality of qi fluctuates over time. Good qi generally means good fortunes, and bad qi generally means bad fortunes. In other words, you can't have good Feng Shui all the time. Check our Annual Flying Star chart, and check if your desk is located in a favorable position.

Unfavorable Flying Stars locations are mostly due to the #2 Black and #5 Yellow stars. These stars are highly malevolent, and bring with them a host of complications. However, their effects can be countered using Metal Cures.

Relate better with other people

For those in sales, public relations, and customer service, their careers hinge on their ability to get along with other people. Besides making a conscious effort to get along with other people, you could also add a touch of Feng Shui to help you relationship-wise.

Keeping the Carry Along Chi Tassel has been compared to carrying your own source of benevolent chi that continuously energizes you. It is widely known that those subject to good chi relate better with other people, due to their dynamism and positive outlook of life. We highly recommend this tassel to those in the mentioned fields, and even to those who simply want to get along better with their peers.

Alternatively, you could place an Etched Crystal Globe on your desk. It is said to be highly effective in aiding the learning process.

Also, face your Nien Yen direction as much as you possibly could, and you will find your efforts at winning people over much less troublesome. Use our Kua calculator to determine your Nien Yen direction.

Give people a very precious gift

Give everyone an honest, heartfelt smile. We should never
underestimate the power of a smile from the heart. In fact, the
Chinese have a proverb that I hold onto firmly:

"Those who cannot smile should not open a shop."

ghost - March 25, 2005 06:05 PM (GMT)
The simplest way to improve a person's Health would be to have them face what is referred to in 8 Mansions as Tien Yi (the Heavenly Doctor). If you're just recovering from an illness or face frequent health problems, sleep with your head pointing to your Tien Yi direction and use this area of your home more.

For example, I am a Gua #2. This means my Tien Yi is West - so, when sleeping I would ensure that my head now pointed West and that I was using the West sector of my home more. Those of you who are a bit more familiar with applying 8 Mansion theories should also position your stove so that its knobs now point in the direction of your Tien Yi.

To calculate your Kua number and look up your Tien Yi direction, you can use our Kua Calculator.

Also, do keep an eye out for our monthly updates on where the dreaded #2 Black Star falls into for the month. These areas will experience a drastic bout of illnesses and unexplained, nagging injuries if you are not careful. The best way to deal with the monthly #2 Star is to use Metal Items/Cures in these areas just before it flies in. This month, it is in the Northeast, so do hang up some Metal Wind Chimes or use Metal Cures in the Northeast for May. Do keep in mind that when putting up these cures that you should not drill or knock in any nails in the area since it will only aggravate and activate the very star that you are trying to weaken.

If you're feeling run down or find yourself ill very frequently, do consider using a Wu Lou by your bed. As the Annual #2 Black Star is in the North, many practitioners also recommend hanging a Wu Lou in the North sector of your home.

Emperors were frequently known to use Jade for its healing properties. If you notice, Jade has a tendency to change color over time. In this way, it is said to absorb more of the negative Qi and ensure a long, healthy life. Jade is more effective if it is worn, so bracelets and necklaces made with Jade are a good prospect.

Those of you who have had the opportunity to visit the Forbidden City in Beijing would have noticed a very unique symbol. A Crane standing on the back of a Tortoise. The Crane has always represented good health and the tortoise is renowned for it's longevity; frequently living to over a hundred years old. The ancient Chinese scholars and artisans recognized this symbol and had it placed in the Forbidden City to signify a long and healthy life for the emperor.

If you're wondering what this special symbol looks like, click here.

The perfect place for this would either be your prayer or meditation room or in the bedroom. Somewhere a bit more peaceful and tranquil where you spend a good amount of time.

ghost - March 25, 2005 06:07 PM (GMT)
Wind chimes

There are many types of wind chimes with different make and number of rods. Some available in the market for Feng Shui purposes are made of metal, wood and even bamboo. Rods can come in 4, 5, 6, 8 or even 24. For metal rods, the question of whether they should be hollow or solid doesn't really matter. What matters is that the rods produce the metal sound, which in turn effectively weaken 'sha chi' from malignant stars.

In Flying Stars Feng Shui, wind chimes with metal rods are used to weaken the effects of the malignant stars of 2 Black and 5 Yellow. If you're wondering why, you'll need to learn a
little bit more about the 5 Element Theory. Earth produces Metal and in the process, Earth is weakened. So, in order to weaken Earth Stars like the 2 Black and 5 Yellow, you will need to use Metal - in this case Metal Windchimes.

The 2 Black Star causes sickness while the 5 Yellow causes accidents and mishaps. So if you are looking to minimize the effects of these two stars, hang a metal rod wind chime in afflicted areas in your home, office or shop.

Looking to enhance your happiness or perhaps get a promotion? It can't get any easier than the bamboo wind chimes. Locate the #9 in your home or office and just hang a wind chime made of bamboo in this area!

The #9 Star is a Fire element Star and the bamboo will 'fuel' this fire, since Wood produces Fire. So, when the #9 Star is empowered with Wood, it is said to result in career changes and a move up.

However, do be careful of the months when a 5 Yellow star flies into the same sector as your #9 Star. The 5 Yellow can act as a catalyst for the more volatile, destructive nature of the #9's Fire element.

Another popular usage of Wind chimes in Feng Shui are to slow fast-flowing 'chi' caused by T-junctions and long corridors. Fast-flowing 'chi' is not desirable as it is deemed too aggressive.

Some windchimes are also shaped for symbolism purposes. A popular choice are windchimes shaped like a sailing ship with gold ingots for wealth luck. There are also some with characters of the Five Elements to give it that symbolic representation.

ghost - March 25, 2005 06:16 PM (GMT)
Main door
Does your Main Door suffer from Poison Arrows?

Poison arrows cause 'sha chi', this is also known as negative energy or malignant chi. Homes or offices afflicted with posion arrows may find that bad luck befalls the occupants ­ sickness, misfortune or in severe cases, even fatal accidents may occur.

There are many causes to poison arrows, the most common being sharp edges and protruding corners. A main door facing a single tree, an electrical pole or even T-junction are also being hit by poison arrows. It can be also as simple as having your neighbor's TV aerial pointing straight at your door.

If your main door is being hit by poison arrows, try any of these 5 Feng Shui applications:

If possible, build a fence or wall that hides the direct view of the offending poison arrow. You can also place one potted plant each by the door.

Hang a Bagua above your main door so it faces the poison arrow. Make sure that the Bagua is not inside your home, as it is too strong for such an application and might do more harm instead. If you find the poison arrow too strong, hang a Coin Sword above your main door alongside the Ba Gua.

Poison Arrows affect the quality of 'chi' entering a person's home or office. For example, if any negative energy exists in the sector the poison arrow is aimed at, the negative consequences are immediately doubled.

Place a pair of Kei Loon or Pi Yao at your main door as it is said to ward off the negative effects of the poison arrow.

With so many different architectural designs today, it is not surprising to find many sharp edges of pillars or protruding corners INSIDE the house compound pointing directly at the main door. For these cases, you can either cover the edges or corners with a piece of soft cloth, or place a potted plant in front of them.

You can also place crystals around these structures.

If possible, use another door to enter your home. If you have the space and financial resources, it might help if you have some renovation works done so that your main door faces another angle.

ghost - March 25, 2005 06:16 PM (GMT)
Feng Shui is about aligning yourself correctly in order to take advantage of the good energies (chi) that surround us. By resting, working and playing in the correct part of the home or doing so facing the correct direction, you will be able to tap into chi that will enhance your quality of life.

Hence knowing the correct direction you are facing, which area of the home you are sitting on and where your bed and stove faces are very important. I know the topic of using a compass in your home to measure directions has many people confused. So, in this edition of our Feng Shui Tip, I'll be running through the basics of using the Compass for Feng Shui. I am sure that many of you may have a professional Luo Pan and this may be relatively familiar to you but just take a read through and let me know what you think.

Before we start, we will need a lensatic Compass to aid us in ensuring that the directions we take are accurate - Feng Shui is a very accurate science and it requires measurements that are as precise as possible. And just in case you were wondering, no it is not possible to use the direction of the rising or setting sun to measure the direction of your home or door as this can be inaccurate. You may use a standard compass but just be aware that it may not be the most accurate, especially if you are very particular about achieving the correct alignment.

1. The Front Door

The front door is regarded as the mouth to your home. This is where the nutrients and good energies (similarly food) enter. If this direction does not suit you well, the rest of your home is also negatively affected. To use the analogy of our body, if the food that goes into our bodies is bad, junk foor or contains harmful elements, you can be sure that you will be ill and suffering from a whole host of ailments.

To take the direction of your door, stand at the entrance to your home, facing outwards with your compass in hand. Now align the needle so that the North end of the Needle is now aligned with the North direction indicated on the Compass. To take a reading, you now need to refer to the direction that is indicated on the compass direction in front of you.

2. The Stove Direction

This has always been a bit of a tricky situation for many beginners just starting out in Feng Shui. You need to stand with the STOVE's KNOBS behind you with your compass in hand to measure the direction of the stove. This is due to the fact that the direction of the stove has always been measured from what is known as the stove's FIREMOUTH. A reference to the days when wood fired stoves were used and the firemouth was where the wood was fed into.

3. The Bed Direction

To measure the direction of your bed, you will need to ascertain what direction your head points to when you sleep. This is taken to be the direction of your bed. And as most people do sleep with their headboard supporting their head, it is usually here that directions are taken at.

4. The Different Sectors of your home

This is to ascertain the direction of the various sectors of your home. First draw a rough plan of your home. Then split it into 9 equal squares. Take the direction from the front of your home. This will be the direction of the top most center square. The opposite direction will be the one at the bottom most center. You should then fill in the rest of the direction based on the compass. starting from North, going clockwise: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest.

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