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Title: New hero reporting for duty!

Teorwyn - July 26, 2011 10:38 PM (GMT)
Hullo all; I'm Teorwyn, Tay for short, and I am definitely a nerd. Imagine my pleasure to find a DC universe roleplay site without insanity! I'm hoping to get a character bio up sometime soon.

Um...what to say outside of the usual 'beware the nerd' stuff? I'm a pre-med biology major/writer (original and fan fiction)/daydreamer/Green Lantern nutcase/Whovian/Browncoat/sort-of gamer/compulsive roleplayer (you should see in me in LotRO; it's bad!)/fur-and-feathers obsessed--ooh, squirrel! ...Erm, yeah. And yes, I'm female. I'm also a bit of a lurker. I'm a member/lurker on several sites now. I really have to fix that...

So, I think that's the important stuff. Here's hoping to get into some good storylines and help build a really cool universe! Not that you guys aren't already doing that awesomely...

I do have a question: is it all right for me to bring in someone (two someones, hero and villain) from a parallel universe--a slightly different take on an existing hero? Or have a temporally/dimensionally displaced Legionairre? Or would it be better if I just stick with the standard?

Jayna - September 21, 2011 02:11 AM (GMT)
Hey man. Its a pleasure to see you have taken interest in this Forum RP...but I havent seen much action on it in a while....wich you probably noticed. Im really sorry for this...apparently it hibernates often.

If you desire a DC rp and now, you can probably PM me or the others on this site.

But your potential sounds awesome!

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