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Title: Student Overview
Description: Quick reference of students

Storyteller - February 2, 2011 03:54 AM (GMT)
Alex Honeycutt "Alloy"
  • 17 years old, 5'5", 130lbs.
  • Short blonde hair, blue eyes Prefers grunge clothes, often mistaken for a boy, has a thick southern drawl
  • Aggressive, straight forward, somber, raised by family in military
  • Competitive in boxing and Wing Chun, speaks English, French, German
  • Absorbs and shoots metal, changes into metal form, manipulate metal up to 250lbs
  • While metal - heavy, attracts lightning, only lasts an hour
  • Mother was meta killed by Factor Four, father was in military and raised her like a son.
Antimony Blaire Caldwell "Aradia"
  • 16 years old, 130 lbs, 5'5"
  • Dyed red hair, Blue eyes (naturally brown and brown)
  • Jeans & t-shirts
  • High strung, spoiled, pouty, blunt, gay
  • Sings spells: variety of effects
  • Horsemanship
  • Forgets spells at midnight, normal human girl
  • Father left, Mother died, lived with Grandparents and great uncle. Competed in horse shows, ran away when thought she killed her horse.
Graham Griffin “Archaic”
  • 14 years old, 5’9”, 130lbs
  • Brown, wavy hair, hazel eyes, either dresses in work clothes or Sunday clothes, not much in between
  • Adventurous, brave, a bit shy but warms up to others with time, smart
  • Vessel of the Scared Rain – can speak Quechua and command the four Guardian Spirits. Can smell magic.
  • Widely traveled due to archaeologist background, knows world history. Speaks Spanish.
  • Human, practically defenseless without Kan
  • Accompanied Archeologist father as a child. Father vanished and Graham activated Kan who now serves and protects him.
  • Small jaguar with red fur and black spots, a golden mask for his face, black eyes, and a jade talisman around his neck that bears the face of Chac and on his back left paw with the cardinal direction of the east
  • Bacab of the East and guardian of the Sacred Rain and Servant to the Great God Chac
  • Thousands of years old Guardian Spirit, bound to serve Archaic, does not age
  • Loves compliments, proud, intelligent, loves battles, hates serving a teenager
  • Can smell mystical power, understand and speak all languages, can find any place he’s been before. Can transform into wind to travel. Warrior form: red jade stone jaguar with mystically enhanced claws. Can deflect most mystic attacks. Very strong.
  • Can hold warrior form for a limited time only
Daisy May "Aria"
  • 15 year old, 4'10", 87lbs
  • Purle hair with blue eyes, girly girl who wears makeup and dresses nicely everyday
  • Outgoing and optomistic with childlike wonder
  • Plays any instrument, perfect pitch. History in opera.
  • Sonic powers destroy and cause vertigo and illness
Vijana Ravana "Atlanta"
  • 18 yo, 5'7" and 140lbs.
  • Long black hair, green/blue eyes, wears long skirts always, inhumanely attractive
  • Aloof, lonely, and sometimes animalistic in nature
  • Speaks most languages, sews, dances, cooks,
  • Werewolf, psychic
  • Allergic to silver, major cultural differences
  • Raised Roma, kidnapped and tortured
Gregory Vladivostok "Bait"
  • 14 years old, 5'4" but looks 4'10", 105lbs.
  • Short black hair, greed eyes, pale skin, frameless glasses, wears drab colors, Boston accent
  • Needs crutches and leg braces to walk
  • Self doubts, hates his body, tries to seem upbeat, used to read lots of comic books
  • Involuntarily manipulates nearby matter and energy to protect himself from all harm
  • Speaks several languages
  • From Boston
Evangeline Borges "Bestia"
  • 18 yo, 5'8" and 130lbs.
  • Short black hair, gray eyes, wears homemade clothing
  • Kind and compassionate, environmentalist
  • Speaks English, German, Castillian Spanish, knows survival and farming
  • Change into animal form, speaks to animals, heals animals, telepathic link with brother
  • Only 'wild' animals
  • Raised in commune in Argentina, ran away with twin at 13
  • Twin Brother is Curcio "Verde"
Claret "Bloodbath"
  • 15 years old, 5'1" 114lbs
  • Hair is black with red dye, has nose ring, tattoo, wears dark clothing
  • Quiet, always seems high, takes things literally, submissive by nature
  • Singer, guitar player, skis, artist with found art sculptures, speaks Swedish as first language
  • Powers are blood related - addictive, heals, sympathetic injuries, and control people using their blood
  • Very much a follower, the sound of blood distracts her
  • Grew up in a home with abusive mental illnesses, grew to be submissive, powers kicked in when her brother tried to beat someone to death in front of her, causing her to kill everyone around by accident. Found trouble and her way into trouble constantly before running into a scientist from Albright
Tatiana Teague "Brood"
  • 17 yo, 6'1.5" 135lbs
  • Red hair, blue eyes, wears goth/punk style, burn scars on back and right arm
  • Sarcastic and bitchy
  • Speaks Chinese, English, is a runner, sculpts
  • Changes into swarm of insects, speaks to insects and arachnids
  • Easily damaged, can't change clothing
  • Dating Chad "Grief"
  • Raised by prostitute in China, sold to human traffickers, rescued and adopted by Americans
Laia Eaving "Clio"
  • 14 yo, 5'4", 120lbs
  • Blonde with grey eyes, wears skirts and blouses
  • Shy, free-spirited
  • Size control over objects, magic book
  • Raised in England, normal childhood
  • Dating Thiago "Ginga"
Adelai (Adie) Borodin “Czernobog”
  • 14 years old, 5’6”, 142 lbs
  • Brown, shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, t-shirt & jeans, special gloves and vest to contain his powers, Russian
  • Friendly, though trouble relating to peers
  • Black hole Formation & Manipulation, Travel through Black holes
  • Body infused with dark matter
  • Gifted child, musician and physicist; normal childhood
Vera Keno "Deception"
  • 16 years old, 5'1", 95lbs.
  • Long red hair, green eyes, scar on face
  • Confident, lively, charismatic, charming
  • Theif, pickpocket, mechanic, great with numbers and languages
  • Invisibility, goes 'ghost'
  • Fear of dark, night terrors, klepto, illiterate
  • Raised by prostitute, successful history as thief, gang leader
  • Dating Stav "X", possibly others
Calyx Lewis "Ekron"
  • 15 years old, 5'9", 120lbs.
  • Blonde hair, blue eyes, insect wings,
  • Inquisitive, shy, hangs with girls more than guys
  • Flutiest, intelligent
  • Flight, exoskeleton, acidic spit
  • Visible meta,
  • Normal childhood
Nadia Miller "Esper"
  • 15 years old, 5'2", 110lbs.
  • Curly brown hair, girl next door charm
  • Highly ethical, almost impossible not to like
  • Normal teen, normal family, psychic since the womb, Reincarnation of The Scarab
  • World's most powerful telepath, empath, with psychometry, eiditic memory, telekinetic
  • Dating Darien "Momentum", Cousin of Luke "Traveller"
Gordon Jovovich-N'gale "Freedom Eagle II"
  • 17 years old, 6', 188lbs.
  • Short blond hair, blue eyes, 'jock' look
  • Alpha male type, sporty
  • basketball, soccer, a leader, wood and metal shop
  • Absorbs and redirects kinetic energy
  • Reflexive powers, unable to direct movements
  • Normal childhood
José Thiago Araújo de Guimarães "Ginga"
  • 15 years old, 5'10", 160lbs
  • Black hair, brown eyes, loose clothing
  • Easygoing, friendly
  • Capoeria, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Speaks Portuguese, English, knows boats
  • water manipulation, water form
  • Raised in Brazil, normal childhood
  • Dating Laia "Clio"
Chandavar Patel "Grief"
  • 17 yeard old, 6'2", 179lbs.
  • Dark hair, dark eyes,dresses in baggy clothes
  • Aloof, sarcastic, mocking, bad temper, protective of women
  • Drives a motorcycle, works out regularly
  • Heal or injure others
  • Turns into glowing skeleton when using powers
  • Rich kid from abusive household
  • Dating Tat *Brood*
Lark Black-Hart "Gryffin"
  • 16 years old, 140 lbs, 5'5"
  • Long black hair, Hazel eyes
  • Carefree style, racially ambiguous looks
  • Guarded, bitter, sarcastic, yet insightful
  • Enhanced sight, X-ray vision, Lie and illusion detection
  • Unable to lie, famous, normal human girl
  • Father is a record executive, Mother is a famous rocker. Reality show family from the time she was born. Demanded to be removed from the show.
Georgette Madison "Harlequin"
  • 16 years old, 5'2", 110 lbs
  • Pale blond hair, blue eyes, Glasgow smile that she keeps covered with a scarf
  • Speaks in Cockney accent and uses Cockney rhyming slang
  • Tomboy who likes goofing around, thinks that humor is better than anger
  • Light Control, can create protective forcefield
  • Acrobatics, drunken kung fu, and clown school
  • Beaten, Raped, and given the Glasgow smile, rejected by her parents
Arianna Chedevski "Kallisti"
  • 16 years old, 5'4", 110lbs
  • Brown hair, blue eyes, wears a kabuki mask or facial mask at all times
  • Perfectionist, charismatic, social anxiety, bulimic
  • Ballet dancer, pageant girl, public speaker, speaks Polish
  • Face so beautiful it paralyzes anyone who looks on it, making them succeptable to her suggestions
  • Powers uncontrolled, must be masked at all times
  • Raised in average divorced home, brought up attending pageants, gained powers from mixture of experimental facial cream and diet pills
Mikaela "Miki" Jefferson "Lash"
  • 15 years old, 5'7", 135lbs
  • Short black hair, brown eyes, many facial piercings
  • Standoffish, blunt, reactive, protective of children
  • Homemaker skills, runs track with focus on hurdles, double dutch champ
  • Uses tactile telekinesis to manipulate semi-structured yet flexible objects
  • Must have medium to use power
  • Raised in verbally abusive and volatile household, raised 3 year old brother, put into CPS system
Bella Donna Mason “Liberty Belle”
  • 14 years old, 125lbs, 5’7” normally, 5’11” in Liberty Belle form
  • Long brown hair, one green eye, one blue eye, wears loose clothing
  • Friendly and great with people, believes in justice and kindness
  • Plays lacrosse, hockey, basketball. Can play guitar, sing, cook, sew, and train dogs
  • Has the Spirit of Liberty powers. Can heal herself and others, enhanced strength, flight, can control light. When in Liberty Belle form her appearance changes into that of a 20 something.
  • Restricted to things the Liberty Spirit thinks are true and just. In danger of losing her powers if she goes against that.
  • Daughter of Donna Mason though she is unable to talk about her mother to anyone who doesn’t remember her or initiate the conversation themselves.
  • Birth to 6 is unknown to any but Donna and her mother. Adopted by her aunt and uncle. She received her powers when she was willing to sacrifice herself to save others in her school after an earthquake.
Tobias Moxley-Wertham "Linen"
  • 16 yo, 5'8" and 148lbs.
  • Short black hair, blue eyes, always dressed impeccibly
  • Aloof and somewhat snobby, shy, loves fashion
  • Designs clothing
  • Manipulates fabrics, heightened sense of touch
  • Sensory overload through touch
  • Normal childhood in rich family until family fell from grace
Autumn Hunter "Midnight"
  • 14 yo, 5'5", 110lbs
  • Short blonde hair, blue eyes, wears only black, white, grey
  • Cold, aloof, unfriendly, logical
  • Studied many martial arts, primarially Escrima, acrobatic, strong, intelligent
  • Only human at the school, uses tech and science
  • Achromatopsia, Solar Urticaria (monochromatic vision, allergic to sun)
  • Trained to be equal to metas since 4
Darien Josephs "Momentum"
  • 17 years old, 6'3, 203 lbs.
  • Slightly long disheveled Brown Hair, green eyes that fade to grey if tired,
  • Easy-going, cheerful and friendly. Tries to keep his serious side private.
  • Enjoys helping out anyone
  • Absorbs kinetic energy to get stronger. Moves incredibly fast
  • Can run on water, walls, ceiling or anything his that can bear his weight. If he stops running, he falls
  • A wrestler, more-or-less a Paramedic and wants to be a doctor.
  • Dating Nadia Miller "Esper"
Adam White Jr "Mr Personality"
  • 16 yo, 6'2", 217lbs
  • Tall, dark, and extremely handsome, almost irresistible to the opposite sex
  • Type A personality, leader, a little narcissistic, snobby, a little afraid of his powers
  • Enhance adrenal responses, 'feed' off emotional energy to enhance his abilities, aware of emotional states.
  • Monophobic, his powers boost the emotions of the person she's against
  • Normal childhood, spoiled and always the best. Caught having affair with hygienist at his parents work, causing father heart-attack and mother to panic. Broke hip of hygienist trying to get her away once caught.
Eniko Oszter "Mystic"
  • 16 years old, 5'6", 130lbs.
  • Brown hair, right eye brown, left eye green, wears oversized clothing
  • Painfully shy, social anxiety, wallflower
  • Excellent photographer, uses sign language
  • Invisiblity, able to make people forgets she exists, bring creatures from other dimensions
  • Must concentrate, voice causes explosions
  • Highly abusive childhood, homeless for a while
  • Dating Luke "Traveller"
Claudia Mills “Nano”
  • 13 years old, 5’1”, 105lbs
  • Brown eyes, long beautiful brown hair, prefers sundresses and boots
  • Optimistic, sarcastic, and intelligent, naïve and sheltered
  • Nanobots allow her to increase her strength, hearing, heal faster, etc. Can download information
  • Faint circuitry pattern under her skin that flares when using her powers, marking her as a meta. Cannot use all skills at the same time. Can be programmed by those with the right knowledge, equipment.
  • Put into foster home at age 3 due to financial strain caused by a genetic disease, picked for the Prometheus Project and had nanobots fused to her system. Discovered ability to program her, was hidden so she couldn’t be misused by the Foundry. Eventually sent to Daedalus.
Rachael Raine “Nocturne”
  • 14 years old, 5’6”, 127lbs
  • Long, straight brown hair, brown eyes, jeans and t-shirts, chunky jewelry, various light sources
  • Split Personality: Normally vibrant, boisterous, easy to get along with. Rage filled and violent when all lights are out
  • Explode and reform her body or parts thereof, Can absorb explosive energy to heal herself
  • Must denote periodically to avoid random explosions, terrified of the dark
  • Raised by just her mom, normal childhood until she found her biological father. Sexually assaulted by her father.
Hinkley Richardson "Oblivion"
  • 17 yeard old, 6', 158lbs.
  • Longer blonde hair, blue eyes, dressier clothing
  • Sarcastic, insulting, anti-authoritarian
  • Motor sports
  • Drain's psychic energy, strip memories, psychic blasts
  • Raised as part of a cult
  • Dating Yvette "Qilin"
Sheridan Baird "Outlook"
  • 16 year old, 5'3", 120lbs.
  • Long brown hair, green eyes, feminine clothing
  • Confident, quiet, serene, upbeat humor
  • Trained to fight with cane, able to use echolocation
  • Reflection based abilities - teleportation, scrying, MirrorLands
  • Completely blind
  • Normal childhood in England
Monica Olsen "PackRat"
  • 16 years old, 5'3", 110lbs
  • Brown hair, blue eyes, likes to dress in costumes
  • Overly dramatic, loves acting and directing, generally appy
  • Actress, aspiring director
  • Has access to dimensional pocket
  • Human, speaks without thinking
  • Normal childhood, attended Freesa Prep (a school of the arts)
Naomi "Oli" Stone "Poltergeist"
  • 17 years old, 5'5", 125lbs.
  • Blond hair, green eyes, girl next door
  • Active, sporty, cheerful
  • Competed in Equestrian, fencing, cheerleading, soccer, Muay Thai, ambidextrious
  • Animate objects, drain electricity
  • Raised in abusive but exceptionally rich household
  • Dating Megastar

Storyteller - February 2, 2011 03:55 AM (GMT)
Michael Kieran "Pretender"
  • 16 years old, 5'9", 150 lbs
  • Brown hair, blue eyes, casual dresser, often wears hats
  • Prankster, smart alec, friendly
  • Shapeshifter, including monstrous shapes
  • Imperfect Mimicry
  • Normal childhood
Yvette Van De Voorst "Qilin"
  • 17, 5'5", 130lbs
  • White hair, violet dragon eyes, antlers, scales, tail
  • Watchful, dreamy, lethargic, zen
  • Speaks English, German, French, gifted painter, uses whip
  • Probability control
  • Obvious metahuman, knee injury, susseptible to cold
  • Mother died in car accident, became part of black-ops, government created meta
Chantilly Sistinas "Reaper"
  • 18 yeard old, 5'1", 90lbs.
  • Short brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, feminine dress
  • Lonely, dark, isolated, serene
  • Speaks to and controls dead, bring dead to life
  • Out of touch with present, unable to speak
  • History unknown, from the 1920s at least
Andrew Vincent McRae "Resilient"
  • 16 years old, 5'11", 186lbs.
  • Curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and wears battered secondhand jeans, flannels, t-shirts and a beat up pair of skate shoes.
  • Remarkably easygoing, but won't stand for anyone to ever be victimized. Is a follower.
  • Likes watching standup comedy routines, sakteboards and plays Bass guitar
  • Speaks with a pronounced stutter; linguistic portion of his brain theorized to have been affected by his power manifestation.
Vance Brice “Sharpe”
  • 18 years old, 6’4”, 180 lbs
  • Black hair, brown eyes
  • Wears a metal bracer that transforms him into an armored knight
  • Especially aware of women and wants to protect them always
  • Follows a code of honor
  • Failure to follow code will result in lose of powers
  • Hesitant to attack women
  • Normal childhood
Ash Philips “Skadi”
  • 16 years old, 5’3”, 102 lbs
  • Punk with multiple tattoos and piercings
  • Hostile air hides a scared and suicidal girl
  • Lowers the temperature around her by absorbing heat, can release it as heat bursts. Create and mentally shape ice, can shoot icicles as projectiles
  • Speaks Russian, is aware of being watched. Good street brawler
  • Water must be present for her to create ice
  • Human limitations
  • Constantly runs a fever, at risk if she gets sick
  • Bioengeered metahuman in and out of mental institutes that used her for testing.
  • Dating Tavi "The Beholder"
Bodhi Kinney “Starchild”
  • 15 years old, 5’8”, 152 lbs
  • Child of the 60s with a playful and trusting nature
  • Create crystals and use them offensively
  • Horticulture, leather-crafting, tie-dying, playing the guitar and the bongos. Social activist
  • Diabetic
  • Crystals are formed of particles in the air, hard to come by in clean places
  • An alien race recruited his help at the age of 13 and he came home to find 31 years had passed
Nanette Pumprlova “Tempest”
  • 16 years old, 5’9”, 115 lbs
  • Famous fashion model, with a profound aura of loss. Extremely obedient and often dazed
  • Has influence over nature, weather. Can cause natural disasters
  • Speaks Czech, English, Arabic, Yiddish, Swahili, French, Russian, Romanian, & German
  • Judo, field medicine, plays the flute, and paints
  • Was addicted to heroin
  • Emotions often reflected in the weather
  • Parents and twin sister killed in car bombing. Started modeling and taking heroin to stay calm. Caused an immense earthquake when threatened with gang rape.
Jordan Jacobs “Toxikon”
  • 16 years old, 5’3”, 125 lbs
  • Country girl with a slight temper
  • Poisonous body fluids. Archery
  • Avid hunter, camper, and overall outdoors lover
  • Normal childhood
Rudy Demarca “Toon”
  • 15 years old, 5’5”, 133 lbs
  • Red hair, green eyes and a slightly dorky yet lovable vibe
  • Fun loving goofball who craves attention
  • Two-dimensional form which can be any humanlike shape. Bring to life images and control them.
  • Artist, particularly comics
  • Human limitations
  • Normal childhood
  • Cousin to Andy “Resilient”
Luke Cromwell “Traveller”
  • 18 years old, 6’4”, 375 lbs
  • Utilitarian clothing in neutral colors
  • Shy Australian, prefers outdoors instead of large crowds
  • Enhanced strength, agility, reflexes, and resistance to physical damage. Energy Blasts
  • Wilderness survival skills & free climbing
  • Social Anxiety
  • Normal childhood, parents still in Australia
  • Cousin to Nadia “Esper”
  • Dating Eniko “Mystic”
Juliet Finch “Vassal”
  • 16 years old, 5’4”, 115 lbs
  • Irish complete with curly, red hair, freckles, and silver grey eyes.
  • Witty cheerleader with a love of life and often the life of the party. Tends to get angry quickly
  • Pyrokinesis: explosions, fireballs, flame aura. Immune to fire & heat
  • Vassal of Sekhmet
  • Speaks Egyptian, Gaelic. Knowledge of agriculture and healing herbs
  • Limited control. Geas: must help when needed
  • Normal life until attacked in home invasion, made a deal with Sekhmet to save her life
Andrea Redding "Vector"
  • 15 years old, 5'3", 114lbs
  • Brown hair with bleached blonde bangs, brown eyes, jeans and t-shirts, more of a tomboy look
  • Hard working, focused, agreeable & cheerful
  • Thrown objects home in on target, deflection field
  • Powers are linked to sense of sight
  • Parents divorced, mom remarried, grew up on a farm, stopped a robber with her powers
Curcio Borges “Verde”
  • 18 years old, 6’3”, 226 lbs
  • Quiet, Argentinian gardener who is passionate about the environment
  • Protective of twin sister Evie “Bestia”, share a psychic link
  • Transforms into a 10’ tall plant man, can heal physically damage received in this form
  • Control plants and augment their growth
  • Terrified of and vulnerable to fire
  • Farming & herb knowledge, can make soaps and other such things
  • Grew up in a commune
  • Dating Nadia “Esper”
Ren-Kai "Visitor"
  • 33 years old (equivalent of 16.5), 397 lbs, 6'6"
  • Black close cropped hair, violet eyes
  • Strong-willed, patient, kind
  • Praeterhuman toughness, strength, impervious to disease and most bodily needs. Basic telepathy. Cosmic energy manipulation.
  • Speaks and reads all languages
  • Culture shocked
  • Of the Ultima (hyper-advanced human) race, one of 3 children born in a century. 5 year exile per traditions, apprenticed with great aunt, sent from Ultima Thule to the United States in secret.
Stavros Korthu “X”
  • 17 years old, 5’10”, 170 lbs
  • Punk with crazy styled hair, ace of spades tattoo
  • Street savvy, and a showoff when wearing his ever present rollerblades
  • Friction control, both increase and decrease resistance
  • Speaks Greek, styles hair. Basic auto repair and can get into locked cars.
  • Human limitations, some hesitance in fights
  • Normal childhood, brother leader of gang
  • Kind of dating Vera “Deception”

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