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Uriel - August 25, 2009 10:33 PM (GMT)
RPG Rules

Minimum Post Length
We are an intermediate to advanced RPG , one liners will not be permitted and we do not accept beginners, there are plenty of other Supernatural boards suitable for those just starting out. All posts should attempt to be at least 2 good size paragraphs in length, but longer posts are encouraged. Use your imagination and bring your character to life, show their thoughts and feelings, describe their actions. If you don't give your RP partners something to work off then they in turn can't give you something interesting. We advocate the use of spell check, word pad etc, nobody is perfect we all make mistakes but please put some thought and effort into your writing. No chat speak or lazy writing, captials and punctuation must be used. When RPing dialogue that another character has already delivered please highlight it or put it in a quote.

Posting Frequency and Absence
Characters are required to post at least twice a week when they are in play (in an active thread). If your character is in more than one active thread at a time then once a week may be acceptable for a short period but not on a perminant basis. We understand that real life issues hit us from out of the blue at times so if you know that you won't be around you are required to post a notice in absence thread. Characters that have been absent without notice will be PMd after the first week and if they haven't replied by the end of the second week their character will be archived and their playby (celeb identity)will became available after 1 month. You may return and resume your charrie at a later stage (unless it was canon) but be warned your playby may be taken. Because we operate on multiple time lines, multiple threads are allowed as long as your timelines donít clash.

New Accounts
People signing up with new accounts must submit a Bio within seven days of registration. After two weeks inactive accounts that have refused to respond to PMs will be deleted. You may reserve a playby while you complete your BIO, but please note said playby can only be reserved for a week.

Managing Multiple Characters
Multiple characters for each player may be allowed but you must have a 10 post IC minimum from your first character before applying for a second. A separate account must be created for each character. If your first two characters are female your third must be male.

Expand Your Options
This is not a porno. Have your character do more than sleep around or. It's boring when everyone pairs off and interacts with no one but their sweeties. This also means that two typists should not continually create characters just to interact with each other and not others. Keep your characters versatile, not insular, in other words, interact with others besides your closest and dearest, even if your character doesn't like their characters.

Sexual Content
If you intend to RP 'intimate' content in a thread please put an appropriate rating in the thread title or if it isn't expected and then looks like happening, ask the Admin to put it in the title. We also do not allow wincest, incest or bestiality (sex with animals). Pandora's Box is only available to those over 18.

Godmoding/Meta Gaming
Godmoding.....writing new actions or dialogue for another character other than your own is not permitted. Going over what has already been said or done is fine. If you have any queries regarding this rule please ask an Admin. Also when writing a fight scene that involves another RP character you must have approval from the player for the injuries you inflict.

Meta Gaming..... knowledge that is not available to your character in order to change the way you play your character (usually to give them an advantage within the game), such as knowledge of a character/ characters statistics, or the statistics of a creature that the player is familiar with but the character has never encountered. In general, it refers to any gaps between player knowledge and character knowledge which the player acts upon.

Characters & Kripke's Law
This is a Supernatural site and as such we should remain true to the style of the show and its story. Drama, angst and relationships are all welcome and make for good storytelling, however they cannot overshadow the paranormal/supernatural aspects of the show. No characters should be invincible or perfect, avoiding becoming what is commonly referred to as a "Mary-Sue or Gary Stu". Supernatural has a wonderful sense of humour and fun, we really enjoy seeing that in your characters along with the angst.

Remember when doing your BIO to make an effort to get things right.....Check your details before submitting. Character profiles involving abilities or powers will be approved/declined on a case by case basis.

Animal cruelty and deaths of family pets will not be permitted. (unless it's Hellhounds) Vampires are allowed to feed on cattle etc.

There will be a ten year rule applied to all new characters in that a play-by cannot be more than ten years older or ten years younger than the character. The mods reserve the right to ask players to either change the play-by to a more age appropriate one or change the character's age to match the age of the play-by as they see fit to do so.

Character Deaths
Players can only kill other characters (or themselves) if the author(s) are both in full agreement that this can happen and you must have permission from Admin. Suicide is not permitted.

Pregnancies and Abortions
Pregnancies in the RPG must be approved by both Admin and the 'father'.

Abortions, again, may be mentioned in a characters history but considering the nature of the site, Admin does not see the need for "real time" instances. Abortions will not be permitted in posts.

Racism and other forms of Discrimination
For example: Descrimination based on racial, sexual preference and religious intolerance by any RPG character good or evil will not be permitted...our evil dudes don't discriminate.

Canvassing Members
Any member found canvassing other members for other RPG sites anywhere on the board including through PMs will automatically have their account suspended. All advertising is to be kept to the advertising forum and in accordance with the rules found there. We wouldnít do it on your board so DONíT do it on ours!!!

All graphics that are requested are to be given credit for. It you didn't make them it's stealing. All information in applications are the sole property of the individual that posted the application. Please do not take any parts of a players background or personality, that's plagarism. We will not tolerate theft in whole or part of another writers creation, either from this board or another, if any member is caught they will have their accounts deleted.

All characters are required to have a banner if you are unable to make one please notify an admin and we will organise one for you. Additionally if you choose to use an icon for your character both in threads and in the chat box, the mods request that it be a stationary picture. Moving (gif) icons are not allowed. Code word can be found in the chat box rules.

We reserve the right to add more rules if the need arises.

Due to the graphic nature of the board we do not accept members under the age of 16.

And lastly, have fun, and remember to respect your fellow gamer.

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