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 The United States of America
Posted: Feb 6 2010, 04:40 PM


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The United States of America.

The United States of America were lucky to get the chance to enter Eden. After the Civil War the American spirit was tired. The war had been long and far more bloody than any before, and the south though beaten was resentful of what it saw as the war of Northern Aggression. Vast amounts of rebuilding were needed and the eye of the common American turned to healing the wounds of their own country.

However when the Washington Government was offered the secrets of the Dark wall formulae from an an unlooked for source they jumped at the chance. Eden was unknown but would almost certainly have natural resources that could be exploited for the betterment of the United States of America, it also had the benefit of being a positive mission, an example of progress to a people so recently laid low by civil war.

So the American people prepared to take it's place in Eden. Early in the process however the decision was made to keep the South out of the equation for the time being. The North assumed that the South would be far to busy rebuilding it's way of life to bear the burden of the preparations which were very costly. To expect the Southern States to foot an equal part of the bill with their much reduced economies would have been unfair. Unfortunately some of the People in the know were rather cynical about the likely response of the South if they were told they would not be involved in the initial mission to Eden and successfully argued to keep them in the dark, what they did not know about they would not worry about after all. The Seeds of distrust were sown deep, and did not take long to fruit.

The trip to Eden was therefore a Northern endeavour, and they approached it with great preparation and diligence. Stores were diverted and scientists were contacted and set to work creating the mass of equipment the Americans would need to pierce the Dark wall and open the Weak spot to Eden. The Weak spot was located, and using the British Effort for the first weakening as their blueprint the Americans arranged a railway spur to built to the area, and Warehouses built nearby and filled with the supplies they would need.

Eventually however the preparations garnered so much notice that it was impossible to prevent the South from gaining information about them and demanding first to know what they were for (they feared it was a stockpile to persecute another war of Northern Aggression), and once they were told, why they were not included. A great deal of bitterness came to the fore on both sides of the argument and in the end led to a worsening of the relations between the two sides. Little did the North know but the South had once told bent themselves to securing the formulae required to enter Eden,but although such a possibility was discussed it was assumed that with out the relevant technological items they would be unable to make use of them. The North did not know about the French at this point and would not have been so complacent if they had.

The day of the Weakening finally drew near and amid great pomp and circumstance the Chaos Engines roared into Life and the Phlogiston Vortices began their work. The Weak spot opened and the first patrol of Scouts proceeded through the Weak spot to guagegauge the general terrain and report back. Minutes passed, and then hours, and it became obvious that something had happened to the patrol. A second patrol was therefore organised, with heavier armaments and such things as signal flares.

The second patrol went through and almost immediately a red flare returned signalling danger, but the odd thing about it was the angle. Rather than being fired back through the spot it came through almost vertically as if it had been fired at the weak spot from below it. a crane was brought up and the third patrol proceeded through connected to this.

They confirmed that the weak spot although on the ground on Earth was some 25' or so above the ground on the Eden side, and the ground beneath it seemed to be either very swampy or even a patch of quicksand. . The bodies of the first two patrols were recovered and the men in charge of the Eden project convened to discuss this terrible turn of events.

With the treacherous ground the other side of the Weak spot the planned rail line would be impossible. However the preparations did provide them with the infrastructure for another somewhat more audacious plan. They quickly moved it into action losing only 24 hours of the weakening to the preparations.

Two Huge cranes were moved up to the location of the Weak point using the rail roads already laid down. Then using the railways to transport them, they commandeered every boat and ship within 50 miles of the site. Every vessel was loaded with supplies and then winched through the Weak spot into the swamp beyond where they were manoeuvred clear in time for the next vessel to be winched through. Eventually the cranes were unable to continue showing terrible signs of the strain they had been put through but at that point there was a considerable number of Vessels of varying sizes on the Eden side of the Weak point The remaining three days were spent delivering people and more supplies via more normal methods.

Eventually the Weak spot closed and the United States Expedition was on it's own. Although not terribly numerous, the people of the expedition were very well equipped, food was plentiful, although it was soon found that many of the plants and animals of the swamp were edible, and well armed. Thought had even been given to the set up of the expeditions administration, with a Council of administrators elected by the senate under a chairman to whom the military commander reported. The Chairman Alvin Peterson Hovey was an ex-military man himself, having had a distinguished career in the civil war (a point not lost on the South when they found out) however he had recently returned from acting as the representative to Peru. The military commander, Major Richard Arnold, was in fact during the war a general of artillery who had been forced to abandon his guns during the First battle of Bull Run. Despite this he was considered sound and worked well with Hovey.
Sadly the Major succumbed to a disease within 4 months of arriving in Eden and his second in command Captain Gerald Walter Harris took over. His relationship with Hovey was much less friendly believing the Ex-Generals rank had been granted during the Civil war solely because the union army was desperate for generals. The resulting friction has led to a number of clashes between the military establishment and the elected officials, made worse by the discovery of the presence of the "New Confederacy" to their south.
The American holding now consists of a rather ramshackle affair of lashed together boats and constructed pontoons. "Liberty" as the conglomeration is known is almost constantly in need of repair and the Military part of the expedition has recently begun to demand that they be allowed to deal with the traitorous Southern Enclave, which would also allow them to claim the rocky outcrop on which their settlement is sited. Hovey and the council meanwhile are unwilling to commit to an action that should it fail could seriously impact on the expedition and if it succeeded could have terrible repercussions back in the United States of America when the weak spot once again opens.

American Opinions on:

The British Empire: "The British 'empire' is an empire built on the blood of downtrodden people. It is a tyrannical edifice and should be distrusted by any man with Liberty and Freedom in his heart. A Leopard does not change it's spots."

The British Imperialists: "by far the more dangerous of the two Factions the British seem to have split into. These men are Warmongers and will no doubt seek to take from us what little we have should they decide that they wish it. Still worse they seem to have some common ground with the traitorous confederates"

The British Preservers: "Their concern for the Natives is unusual and no doubt stems from a wish to, much as they did in the war of Independence, utilise the Native peoples in war. This can be the only explanation for them consorting such a savage race as the Yaxarla. At least their concern keeps them from the South and indeed they may solve the confederate issue for us if the south returns to it's immoral ways."

The German Empire: "The Germans are a new power, and all new powers seek to flex their muscles, we must try and make sure that their muscles do not flex in our direction. Add to this their close friendship with the British and they have the potential to be very dangerous. "

The Neo-Samurai: "Fine fellows. We introduced them to the world and in return they have been most grateful. The Emperor back home is in the process of bringing his country into line with more modern ways and should be applauded. However, the Japanese here are the ones who would not change, and they likely resent our involvement in their modernisation"

The New Confederacy: "Spies and Traitors. Harris has a point when he says we should attack them, take the outcrop and wipe them from Eden. After all the North has done for them since the end of the war, a war they started I might point out, you would have expected better of them. Oh well they might not be long for this world if they try and enslave the British Empires pet natives."

The Russians: "The Russian people are attempting to throw off the yoke of their oppressors and claim their freedom, but in doing so they have fallen foul of the siren call of dangerous ideologies. They could have been our allies but if they continue down this path they could end up our enemies."

The Red Russians: "They could have been so much better . By attaching themselves to these dangerous ideologies however they have lessened themselves. We applaud their intentions of freeing the masses, but then yoke them once more is a mistake."

The White Russians: "Hopefully they will soon go the way of all tyrants and be put to the sword. The Red Russians already have them on the ropes and providing the Germans continue talking about aiding them, rather than actually aiding them their time in Eden should soon be drawing to a close."

The Xorolunda: "Violent natives, like the Apache of home. Currently they are keeping the British busy but if they come our way we know how to deal with them"

The Yaxarla: "The Yaxarla are more peaceful but seem to have wheedled their way into the Britishers good books. The British do like to use the Natives against their enemies so watch them."


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