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Posted: Apr 3 2011, 06:50 AM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 17-October 09

Physical Characteristics of the Eden Native Race Known as the Yaxarla. (Yack-Zar-La)
Dr Wilfred Archibald Stannert Dr Med Dr Bio Dr Chem Msc Phys Bsc ComEng

Unlike the Xorolunda who seem to be unable to differentiate us from the previous travellers to Eden (Please see my published paper on "The Destroyers: Primitive fear of the unknown past or actual fact) the Yaxarla have realised that we are not the creatures who their myths claim enslaved their race so many centuries ago. As such it has been possibe to engender a feeling of mutual trust between our two races. Indeed Major General Summers although suffering from a delusion that the Xorolunda could be persuaded to peace is very much correct when he argues that the Yaxarla deserve the same concern that we show any Native race EVEN if they are not Human.

Indeed despite the fact that the Yaxarla are not an advanced race their sense of morality closely echoes our own, and some have even been successfully converted to Christianity. If ever there was a sign that a race deserved our guidance then that is it. I am afraid I cannot agree with Major-General Innis' comments that they and the Xorolunda are the same. Indeed from speaking with the Yaxarla I have found evidence that the Xorolunda have long regarded the Yaxarla as at worse enemies and at best, slaves to be taken. No Civilised race can agree with slavery and as such it is our duty to defend the Yaxarla from this fate.

The differences between the Yaxarla and the Xorolunda also extend to the physical. Outwardly they are admittedly similar, with three eyes upon their heads, and the two arms, two legs, and short non-prehensile tail body plan that the Xorolunda closely follow. However in the Yaxarla the resin producing bone growth is present on both hands, and these produce much harder resin, at a considerably higher volume. As such the Yaxarla is unable to fire their resin plugs (indeed the muscles needed for this are atrophied) but instead the extension of resin is usually sharpened giving them two formidable claw like weapons, with no loss of dexterity in the hand. Again, if they so wish they can remove the bony growth, but it will take about 12 months to grow back. They share the keratin armour plates of their cousins.

Interestingly although Yaxarla are also monotremes they seem to have distinct male and female genders, and it is the females that carry and lay the eggs. The females of the Yaxarla seem to have taken a different route to ensuring the survival of these eggs to the one taken by the Xorolunda. A Yaxarla female carry the egg clutches of up to 5 males at any given time, with the ratio between the sexes being approximately 4:1. The Yaxarla female however is far more heavily armoured than the males, and is capable of hunkering down somewhat like a tortoise to present a forest of spikes and armour plates to any predator. So thick is the armour of a Yaxarla female that they can shrug off even bullets, and close combat weapons seem to have little effect on them. Luckily the Females do not seem warlike, however any attack on a female in the vicinity of Male Yaxarla will normally drive them into a berserk frenzy, presumably due to a pheremonal alert signal from the female. Amongst Yaxarla taken as slaves by the Xorolunda it is usual for their sense of smell to be removed by their captors by means of a hot ember passed up the nose.

In comparison the Yaxarla is considerably more intelligent than their savage cousins the Xorolunda. Although a Xorolunda might take up a fallen firearm and use it, they seem not to always be able to grasp the connection between ammunition and continued firing, so will fire it until empty and then discard it. The Yaxarla however have easily grasped the use of firearms. Indeed General Summers has infact provided some Yaxarla Militias with old musket style weapons, and there is some talk of recruiting a Yaxarla 'Sepoy' regiment. It is my belief that with their grasp of Morality, and the technical knowledge of firearms, coupled with their natural hatred of their previous overlords the Xorolunda this would be a capital idea. If our actions on the Indian subcontinent can be held as an example (barring the period of the mutinies of course) native troops can be almost as effective as British troops, especially when led by British officers. Our own numbers and reinforcements being constrained by the problems of piercing the darkwall, such additional troops would be a godsend.

The major problem with this approach however would be their incredible distrust and dislike of anything involving the Darkwall. Great care would need to be taken to keep them away from any scientific experiments involving the Darkwall and certainly any investigations into destroyer artefacts. If the incident of the Waxed cartridges has shown us anything it is that we must be very careful when dealing with natives and their own particular peccadillos.
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