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Posted: Feb 9 2010, 08:40 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 95
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Joined: 17-October 09

Babbage Combat system.

Humans have two sets of hit points. Bruising Levels and Wound Levels.
You have the same number of each. So a normal human will have 6 Bruising HP and 6 Wound HP's.

Armour will add extra Bruising levels, but only the very heaviest armours will add wound levels (although some armours will change always wound damage to bruising.)

Weapons come in three types.

Normal weapons such as Bows, Swords, Clubs, and Coshes: Normal weapons reduce Bruising levels first, then once you reach 0 bruising levels you start taking wounds.

Always Wound weapons: Things like Pistols and Rifles, and some powered close combat weapons are Always Wound weapons. This means they bypass bruising entirely and do damage directly to Wound Levels.

Always Wound weapons are therefore SCARY.

Always Fatal weapons: Direct hits by Cannons and Mortars and other such weapons are "always Fatal". If you are very lucky and there is a surgeon nearby you may still survive, it's just vanishingly unlikely.

Damage effects.

Bruising levels have no real effect however they persist after combat. For every 5 minutes of RPing being injured you heal one bruising level. The RP for this could be complaining of aches and pains, or a limp it doesn't have to incapacitate you.
Being treated by someone with the Medic skill will return ALL of your Bruising hits in five minutes of RP.

Wounds: Wounds are the only time the location of the damage is important as this will be the area that is wounded.
Being wounded HURTS. After being Wounded you will be incapacitated for 15 seconds and you should fall to the floor. During these 15- seconds you may do nothing more strenuous than crawl, or shout for help. Further wounds at this point reset the time to 15 seconds each. If involved in close combat you may NOT defend yourself during these 15 seconds (or more if suffering from multiple wounds). Any further hits you take during this time are considered to be Always wound hits, even when they come from normal weapons (it's easy to finish someone off with a sword if you have just shot them...) This time is called the Wounded Period. If you suffer another wound during that period the Wounded Period restarts.

After the Wounded period finally ends you have a choice to make, you can either take the wound reducing your wounds by one and requiring medical attention for the injured section to make it somewhat usable again, or you can go into shock. Going into Shock is very dangerous, but if you survive the wound is negated. If you have taken multiple wounds in combat incidentally you can heal all of them by going into shock. It however will have no effect on wounds taken earlier.

Shock lasts for 30 minutes (although this can be reduced by people with certain skills, and certain items). During this time you MUST role-play being in shock. You may only move at a crawl, although you may defend yourself and use weapons, you must do so "weakly". As a rule of thumb, you should fight at 50% normal speed or less. If you act any more strenuously than this during the Shocked period you overstrain yourself and reset the timer. If you overstrain yourself again during this period you die.

If you receive another wounding hit from any source while shocked, you die. Shock is VERY dangerous, but is a good way of avoiding being wounded.

If you choose to take the wound in damage, then you do not run the risk of suddenly dying. However the area wounded is rendered "useless". In the case of Limbs it renders the ENTIRE limb useless, so you cannot crawl on your knees if your legs are wounded. In the case of a body wound this renders you weakened you may only move at a crawl, although you may defend yourself and use weapons, you must do so "weakly" (much like being in shock but without the possibility of dying). If you took a head wound then you are rendered unconscious

All of these states persist until you are treated by someone with the appropriate skills. Head and body hits will require you to wear obvious bandages in this region and you may not run. Leg hits will require you to limp or use a crutch (or rather RP using a crutch if the item is a lrp weapon...), arms will be bandaged and in a sling although can be used in those confines, or weakly without the sling (balancing a gun on things for example).

All of these states disappear the following day (after a certain period?) HOWEVER you still retain your current wound levels.

Always Fatal hits reduce you instantly to 0 wounds and 0 bruising levels.

Once you are reduced to 0 wounds by any means fall to the ground. For 30 seconds you may do nothing but scream piteously then you die. People with certain skills MAY be able to save you via drastic means during this time, but it is highly unlikely.

Regaining wounds: During the period of an event the only way to regain wounds (currently) is through Mathemagical or surgical means.

Between events you will regain all wounds, although you may wish to add scars.

As can be seen combat is deadly, particularly combat involving firearms.

Incidentally Ricochet hits from bullets striking something other than a person only do a bruising hit. Ricochet hits from bullets striking a person are discounted. If in doubt (i.e. you don't know for certain if the bullet ricocheted) take the wounding hit, you are unlikely to get complained at for taking a more serious hit.


If you wish to wear goggles the lenses in the goggles should be of Plastic, glass will be deemed unsafe unless it is in some way specially tempered shatter-proof glass.


Although this should be bloody obvious to everyone... Striking with non safe weapons (such as say NERF GUNS) will result in an instant ban and removal from the game.
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