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Posted: Feb 9 2010, 08:43 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 95
Member No.: 1
Joined: 17-October 09


Unlike many Larps Babbage's Eden does not have weapon skills per se; any person can pick up and use a weapon. With hand weapons this is obvious, hold blunt bit, pointy bit goes in enemy, or hold blunt bit hit enemy with other blunt bit. It's fairly straight forward.

For Throwing weapons again any one can master pick it up and chuck it.

For Bows this is also true, HOWEVER only people who have been passed as competent with a bow by the Game team can use them, this is mainly due to the inherent danger of the projectiles used.

Firearms and other more esoteric weapons however have familiarity rules. These will be printed on the lammies for the weapons and detail after how long certain actions may be taken with the weapon, IF you do not have the appropriate familiarity skill.

Familiarisation needs to be done at each event. It also must be done in one long consecutive lump, you cannot spend 5 minutes each hour with the weapon and by the end of the day claim you have spend an hour with it.


The Vulcan is a British made Automatic machine gun powered by a dark wall battery and fed by a belt of ammunition. Its familiarity sheet reads as follows.

30 seconds Fire the weapon when set up on a tripod
15 minutes Fire the weapon on the move
30 minutes Reload the weapon and recharge spent belts
3 hours Replace the dark wall battery.

So obviously if the Dark wall battery fails before you have spent 3 hours working with the weapon then you are in dire straits!

Some actions cannot be learned through gaining familiarity and may ONLY be performed by people with the appropriate skill.


The Lightening Mortar is an experimental Dark wall generator powered monstrosity of a cannon firing arcs of Electricity that strike entire areas. Its familiarity card reads as follows.

15 minutes Fire the weapon
3 hours Recharge the weapon
Unattainable Shorten the Charge time to 30 seconds per shot.
Unattainable Overload the generator to destroy the weapon and explode

Finally some weapons (such as Cannons and Mortars) which are difficult or dangerous to operate unless you have been trained on them OOC will have a RED Familiarity tag. This means do not use them unless you have been trained. This is a safety issue.

During Group Generation and afterwards most equipment purchases require that someone in the group have the appropriate Familiarity Skill and if the weapon is personal kit it be assigned to them. After all stores are unlikely to give out advanced equipment to people who have no idea of how to use it.

Guns for Babbage.

Please note this list is not exhaustive, if you locate a weapon you think would be acceptable for Babbage please submit it to the refs so they can classify and cost it for you.


Single Shot Pistols

Element X

Multi shot revolver style Pistols

Airzone Twin Tek 10
Airzone Tek 6

Multi shot Clip style Pistols

Machine Pistols



Shot guns (multiple shots at the same time)

Barrel Break

Combat shotguns (Multiple shots at a time, Magazine fed)


Single Shot Rifles

Semi Auto rifles (Bolt Action/Slide action, magazine fed)

Long strike

Machine Rifles (Magazine Fed also Slamfire)

Belt Blaster
Tommy 20


Machine guns (as Magazine rifles but less portable)

Posted: Jul 16 2011, 11:46 AM


Group: Validated Users
Posts: 5
Member No.: 34
Joined: 15-July 11

question about the Stampede - noted under Ordinance as it is 'less portable', is this for the full shield plus bipod or in general? Asking as without shield it seems very portable to me, size of an assault carbine and reasonably well balanced. It costing more due to game balance I wouldn't argue, though I can't compare its overall RoF to the Tommy 20 etc as not handled one of those so not sure the level of advantage it gives.

Related question - do the Havok and other BFG type machine guns have special damage effects to counter the hassle in setting it up and limitations of a tripod (and because machine-gun nests should be feared!)? Given the restrictions on carried ammunition, its RoF is not a large advantage - unless they get a cost break on ammunition. Of course if you can fire it from the hip Rambo style then I guess that works but not in fitting with the era so much.
Posted: Jul 16 2011, 11:54 AM


Group: Validated Users
Posts: 5
Member No.: 34
Joined: 15-July 11

Noticed that bows do not require familiarity but guns do, bit curious about that as I would have thought guns would be more familiar to people in this era?

I am so going to get myself banned with all these annoying questions but it is a sign that I am quite taken by the whole thing.
Posted: Jul 19 2011, 01:49 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 95
Member No.: 1
Joined: 17-October 09

Hiya mate no worries on the questions.

These are the Mark 1 rules I'm still thinking on the mark 2 rules but it is likely that the "Familiarity skills will get flattened down to Small arms and Machineguns.

Machineguns at the moment do not have any special calls however the Stampede is one of the best guns out there at the moment, also under MK2 I will be adding certain skills that benefit Machinegun users (A Hail of Iron and Thunder for example that allows a machinegunner to cause fear in native forces)

The Familiarity rules are based on the weapons complexity. A Bow has one moving part and a simple loading mechanism biggrin.gif
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