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Posted: Feb 9 2010, 08:43 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 17-October 09


Engineering is actually a collection of interrelated skills allowing the creation of new items, the repair of damaged items, and the alteration of existing items. It is also the pre-requisite for a number of other skills such as Demolitions allowing the precision placing of bombs and the disabling of time bombs and other explosive devices.

Basic Engineering allows the creation of items, and the repair of damaged equipment. It also gives a basic ration of engineering supplies that can be used to create items. Engineering supplies come in four types: Calculation cores, Power Sources, Energy Focuses, and Electro Emitters. These supplies can be traded and are persistent as they are assumed to be made by the engineer between the events. They can be stolen and as created items cannot be reclaimed from stores.


Most Mathemagical equipment such as Phlogiston Condensers and Chaos Engines are very fragile. If exposed to an explosion or struck with a weapon the equipment stops working. It cannot serve its purpose until repaired. Such repairs can be achieved by an engineer spending 30 minutes working on the item will allow it to be used once more. Up to two other engineers can work on the same piece of equipment reducing the time required by 10 minutes each extra person. At the end of the time period the item is returned to an operable state.

In some cases a piece of equipment will be damaged beyond repair however this takes either a concerted effort by someone trying to destroy it, 30 seconds or more smashing it (although not the Phys-rep obviously), or utilising engineering knowledge to render the item unusable.

The other way to utterly destroy an item is to use the demolitions skill to place a bomb accurately on the item to destroy it.


Creation comes in two parts. First you need a blueprint for the item to be created.

The knowledge to create most simple pieces of equipment is covered by the basic engineering skill. More advanced equipment may require the engineer to do some research before a blueprint can be created or purchased. Research will be dealt with in a later section.

Blueprints can either be a single use blueprint or a permanent blueprint. The first can be created by an engineer during an event assuming he has the requisite knowledge, while the second can be bought using experience points. However if at the end of an event an engineer still has a single use blueprint that has not been utilised he can benefit from a reduced cost for purchasing the permanent blueprint of that type.

To create a blue print takes an hour of role-playing designing the item. Before beginning the rp you should inform a ref and once you complete the required time you will receive a lammy for the blueprints which should be attached to an appropriate Phys-rep. These blueprints can be stolen or traded and as it is not a purchase if stolen it cannot merely be repurchased. Even Permanent Blueprints bought with experience points can be stolen.

Once the blueprint has been created, an item can be made from it. This will require an amount of engineering supplies, as determined by the requirements of the Blueprint. It will need a certain number of each of the different Engineering supplies, in differing amounts depending on what is being made. The Engineer will also need an appropriate Phys-rep for the item being created. Each blueprint will also have a time required to create the device, and after that amount of time has been spent working on the device a ref will provide a lammy for the new item and if a one use Blueprint was used that will be taken. The item is not a stores item however so if it is stolen they cannot requisition a new one from stores.


All items that can be made by engineering can also be unmade by engineering and broken down into their constituent parts. This takes far less time than to create the item in the first place, 5 minutes in fact, and then the lammy must be handed into the refs and they will replace it with the appropriate amount of engineering supplies.

Engineering Supplies

Each engineer will receive one each of the 4 basic engineering supplies each event.

Emitter Lens
Focuses and emits energy, used to condense Dark wall energy.

Calculation Mill
A small programmable thinking engine, used to perform complex calculations.

Aetheric Linkage
Aetheric Linkages access Aetheric energy to form a conduit for Dark wall energies.

Steam motivator
This is a Power supply, providing motive power to an item.

Finally there are Ordinary Engineering supplies. These are less complex supplies used to create more basic items. However you do not receive rations of these, rather they are gained by cannibalizing basic engineering supplies. By breaking down one basic engineering supply ration you receive 2 Ordinary Engineering Supplies.

These basic engineering supplies can be used to create other items.

Simple Engineering Supplies

Simple Engineering Supplies are the next step of Engineering Constituents. They are required to build Medium Level Equipment.

Aetheric Lens:

Constituents: 1 * Aetheric Linkage, 2 * Emitter Lens

Aetheric Lenses provide a combination of energy emitters, but with the stabilising influence of the Aetheric Linkage to ensure that the energy can be dumped if it exceeds the required amount.

Thought Mill:

Constituents: 1 * Steam Motivator, 2 * Calculation Mills.

The Thought mill is not exactly a thinking engine of its own; however it is capable of running programs very quickly thanks to its integral steam engine.

Torque Engine:

Constituents: 1 * Calculation Engine, 2 * Steam Motivators.

The Torque engine is a specialised Steam Motivator that contains a calculation engine to ensure that its output remains constant despite the load placed upon it.

Dark wall Conduit:

Constituents: 1 * Emitter Lens, 2 * Aetheric Linkage.

The Dark wall Conduit is an upgraded version of the Aetheric Linkage which includes an emitter array to redirect unstable energies.

Complex Engineering Supplies

Complex Engineering Supplies are the final evolution of constituent parts, and are required to build Advanced Items

Dark wall Piercing Lens:

Constituents: 1 * Dark wall Conduit, 2 * Aetheric Lens

The Dark wall Piercing Lens is a highly specialised piece of equipment. The Lens itself is partially displaced into the dark wall where it can gather power directly and if necessary dump power back into it.

Parallel Thought Mill:

Constituents: 1 * Torque Engine, 2 * Thought Mills.

While a thought mill is a thinking engine a Parallel thought mill is two or more thought mills operating in parallel to solve the same equations. This grants them added power and speed.

Trevithick Engine:

Constituents: 1 * Thought Mill, 2 * Torque Engines.

The Trevithick engine is the most powerful motivator in common use, taking the out put of two torque engines and the calculation capacity of a thought mill, the Trevithick engines output is both exceedingly powerful and utterly constant, the torque never varies.

Brunel Dark wall Shunt:

Constituents: 1 * Aetheric Lens, 2 * Dark wall Conduits.

Brunel's Dark wall Shunt is a mastery of engineering, capable of taking any amount of dangerous overflow energy and shunting it directly back into the Dark wall without the usual instability caused by more normal shunts and conduits.

Mathemagical Items.

Simple Items

Small Chaos Engine:

Constituents: 1 * Steam Motivator, 1 * Emitter Lens, 1 * Calculation Mill, 1 * Aetheric Linkage.

A chaos engine emits completely random pulses of energy which destabilises the dark wall in the surrounding region. This makes it easier to manipulate the dark wall energies at the weak spot.

Small Phlogiston Condenser:

Constituents: 2 * Steam Motivators, 1 * Aetheric Linkages, 1 * Calculation Mill

Phlogiston Condensers take energy directly from the air around which can then be used to further weaken the dark wall, or to power other devices.

Small Lightening Emitter:

Constituents: 2 * Emitter Lenses, 1 * Aetheric Linkages, 1 * Steam Motivator

Lightening Emitters are used to provide a pathway for released Dark wall energy to travel down. As such they tend to be used to electrify an item or person who is to be affected by the formula being enacted.

Aetheric Vane:

Constituents: 2 * Aetheric Linkages, 1 Calculation Mill, 1 Emitter Lens

Aetheric vanes actually do not aid in the enaction of Dark wall manipulation. Rather they provide some safety by allowing Stray dark wall energy to earth through the vanes rather than into the Mathemagicians enacting the formulae.

Thinking Engine:

Constituents: 2 * Calculation Mills, 1 * emitter lens 1 * steam motivator

A thinking engine is the first step towards the true Analytical engines that Babbage first envisioned. During an Enaction having such an engine capable of controlling the other Mathemagical equipment greatly increases their effectiveness.

Medium Mathemagical items

Medium Chaos Engine

Constituents: 1 Torque Engine, 1 Thought Mill, 1 Dark wall Conduit, 1 Aetheric Lens

A larger more powerful version of the small chaos engine. The Larger area of effect from the medium Chaos engine means more Dark wall power can be accessed, also the resultant weakening of the dark wall is considerably more powerful.

Medium Phlogiston Condenser

Constituents: 2 * Torque Engines, 1 * Thought mill, 1 * Dark wall conduit.

Although Eden's atmosphere contains far less Pholigistonic power than Earths, by using a slightly larger version of the normal Phlogiston Condenser Earth like levels of power can be attained. The enaction is therefore easier as the Mathemagician does not have to correct for the strange properties of Eden, and can use the more tried and tested Dark wall Formulae.

Medium Lightening Emitter

Constituents: 2 * Aetheric Lenses, 1 * Torque Engine 1 * Dark wall Conduit.

Able to produce a far more energetic electrical field than the smaller version, the Medium Lightening Emitter is of great use when attempting to attract Dark wall energy to an object or person.

Medium Aetheric Vane

Constituents: 2 * Dark wall Conduit, 1 * Thought mill, 1 * Aetheric Lens

The amount of Energy released during the more powerful Mathemagical Enactions can be phenomenal, and incredibly dangerous. If the excess power is not safely channelled it can run riot and cause untold damage. The larger channelling capacity of this larger vane can be exceedingly useful.

Medium Analytical Engine.

Constituents: 2 * Thought mills, 1 * Aetheric Lens, 1 * Torque Engine.

The Medium sized analytical engine although not a thought mill in its own right is a very powerful calculation engine, capable of performing hundreds of calculations every minute.

Complex Mathemagical items

Portal Class Chaos Engine

Constituents: 1 * Trevithick Engine, 1 * Parallel Thought Mill, 1 * Dark wall Shunt, 1 * Dark wall Piercing Lens.

Although a portal to another world cannot be opened when the Dark wall is not weakened the Chaos engines used to open the portal when used singly can still produce very useful and powerful weakening effects. Seeing these Chaos Engines in action is awe inspiring as the surface of reality seems to ripple under their onslaught.

Phlogiston Erupter

Constituents: 2 * Trevithick Engines, 1 * Parallel Though Mill, 1* Dark wall Shunt

A Phlogiston Erupter is an array of interlinked Phlogiston Condensers. When activated all pholigistonic power in the immediate area is gathered and released in a single incredibly powerful burst. This burst can be used to power other machines, but more usually is just released to cause a massive disturbance in the Dark wall.

Aetheric Grounding Pylon

Constituents: 2 * Dark wall Shunts, 1 * Parallel Thought Mill, 1 * Dark wall Piercing Lens.

A frankly huge Pylon capable of channelling simply staggering amounts of power and releasing it safely through an Aetheric conduit. The calculations required to achieve the careful balancing act to achieve this tax the Thought Mill of the Pylon considerably, and engineers are advised to check the thought mill regularly for faults. Failures are usually fatal.

Thinking Factory Core

Constituents: 2 * Parallel Thought Mills, 1 * Dark wall Piercing Lens, 1 * Trevithick Engine.

Although the thinking factories usually contain almost a hundred of these cores even a single thinking factory core is a tremendous asset to any Mathemagician. Capable of thousands of calculations every minute, the Factory core can be connected to other items and can be used to coordinate the other items.

Armageddon Apparatus

Constituents: 2 * Dark wall Piercing Lenses, 1 * Trevithick Engine, 1 * Dark wall Shunt

Although bearing a rather melodramatic name the Armageddon apparatus is truly terrifying to witness in action. Capable of hurling huge bolts of lightening by dragging power directly from the Dark wall most people dare not operate one of these devices without an Aetheric Pylon nearby.
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