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Posted by: Mawdrigen Feb 6 2010, 04:37 PM
The Neo Samurai AKA the New Japanese Empire.

When the Emperor finally decided to do away with the Fief's of the Diamyos and replace them with Prefectures in the wake of the Bonshin War he had looked carefully t the possibilities. It was highly likely that some would refuse to accept governorship of their Prefectures, as they would hold them only for their lifetimes, and they would not Pass to their descendants.

However the Ikawara Mission had brought closer friendships with the other countries of the world, and in return for Trade concessions Japan had secured from Britain not only a thinking factory but the knowledge of the Dark wall Formulae. Although they were unable to operate them by themselves the British sent scientists to instruct their own home-grown experts in their use, and having grasped the basics they proved up to the task of producing the necessary equipment to pierce the Dark wall to Eden. They won their place as one of the Dark wall treaty powers, and the Emperor saw a chance to solve his problem.

He gave the Daimyo and their Samurai a choice. Hand over their lands to the Emperor was non-negotiable, this had to happen to allow Japan to move into the future. However he gave them a choice of accepting Governorship of their previous fief, or to go to Eden and carve new fief's out in that land. They would be free to rule these fiefs as they had before, and pass them on from father to son.

Most of the Diamyos turned their lands over to the Emperor, seeing that their way of Life was going to change no matter what. The others, some 13 Diamyo's and many Samurai decided to take the Exile and retain their lifestyle. The Diamyo were granted Leave by the Emperor to go and claim further lands in t his name. Having little time to make their preparations the Diamyo's immediately began their preparations.

Huge Groups of men were armed, and given the basic equipment that they would need to survive on the other side of the portal. Wagons were laden with essential supplies, Families were brought ready to travel. However unlike the preparations in the other Countries, which were planned and paid for by the Governments, these preparations were paid for by the Diamyos themselves. In some cases the forces were well supplied, in others little though was given to the 8 years likely to elapse before resupply could occur. However every Diamyo understood one thing, to Capture land he would need men.

When the weakening took place and the Japanese scientists opened the portal to Eden, huge armies were gathered around it The Emperor had organised it such that the moving of troops would take place on a shift basis, allowing each Diamyo an hour at a time to move troops and supplies through the portal. Scrambling for position The Diamyo's prioritised troops over supplies, making sure they passed through with their troops first then receiving fresh influxes of troops whenever their next shift came around.

By the time the Portal closed most of them had brought considerable numbers of troops through and were busy bringing Supplies through, although when the portal closed it closed on a regiment of Ashiragu who were promptly transformed by the ravaging Dark wall energies. In the Confusion some of the Diamyo's who were better equipped than the others were attacked by those with more men, and the area around the weak spot devolved into fierce fighting. The Japanese involvement in Eden could have ended then and there, but the difficulty in bringing the transformed Ashiragu under control forced cooperation on the Diamyos.

That was not the only thing. Having proceeded through the Portal with little preparation they had not thought to question whether there would be food in Eden that humans could eat. They had appeared in a Forest, far different to the Grasslands that the British had reported, and the supplies brought with them would last only a month. It was agreed that the Armies must disperse to make the most use of the natural flora and fauna as possible. An Accord was formed amongst the Diamyo, there would be peace amongst them as they sought to establish themselves in the region.

This decision proved very wise. Over the next few weeks the Japanese peasantry tried anything and everything to see if it was edible. A large number died or were sickened by fruits that turned out to be poisonous. The creatures about were edible, but in some cases ferocious. The supplies of food were rationed and then rationed again, and starvation began to set in. It is estimated that as many as 20% of the Japanese expeditions died of starvation during this time, luckily one Diamyo discovered that the leaves of certain of the tree's if boiled twice were edible, as was the bark. The food was eminently unpalatable, but produced a nourishing pulp. The Diamyo whose people discovered this utilised the knowledge to feed his people, and traded his remaining food supplies for better weaponry. His Position somewhat more secured he revealed the discovery to the other Diamyos, but only after the structure of the Japanese expeditions was altered slightly.

Now there is a Shogun of Eden, with the other Diamyo's beneath him This is understood to be a temporary arrangement until the Weakening reoccurs and reinforcements can be acquired, but there is a lot of jockeying for position, leading many to believe that the system may be extended beyond that time, and the Diamyo's are attempting to put themselves in the best position if it does.

The New Japanese Empire due to the hurried nature of setting the Expedition in motion lags somewhat behind the other players in Eden on the technology front. However many of the scientists that were trained by the British with regards to the Dark wall volunteered to travel to Eden to further their research. Without the benefits of a Thinking Factory it is unknown what progress they hope to make, but the Neo Samurai have a a great deal of ground to make up.

Neo Samurai Opinions on:

The British Empire: They are a power in the old world and a power in the new world. They helped us achieve access to these new lands. As long as the treaty holds we will honour it. Only they can match our numbers in these lands, and so we are better partners than enemies.

The British Imperialists: They have broken with their true leader. They pursue aims similar to our own. Perhaps if we offer to help them with the Xorolunda they will grant us further aid, or better they can wear the Xorolunda for us and we will carve fresh fiefs from the natives lands. Watch these people, someone who has risen up against his lord is not to be fully trusted no matter his justifications.

The British Preservers: While their sentimental concern for the natives is unusual, we cannot but admit that their technological and scientific might is unsurpassed. They have proven themselves honourable compatriots, and we need their expertise. These are the True British in these lands. Perhaps we can gain closer ties and partake of their knowledge.

The German Empire: They look down on us, to them our lack of preparedness for this mission is a joke not realising that our mere presence here is a miracle. They sneer at us from their position of technological superiority, and yet they do not use it to seize the highlands they no doubt crave. We must wonder at their will, perhaps it fails them at last. Their ambition is commendable and if we were not protected by the Dark wall treaty I would suspect they might try to seize our lands. Of course, they would find that much more difficult than they expected.

The New Confederacy: Given that they lost their Civil War one must wonder how legitimate the New Confederacy's presence in these lands are, but as with everything a man with a gun can claim legitimacy. Their attitudes to the natives are likely to bring them into conflict with the British soon, and when it does we may find our selves in conflict with them, and we may be able to gain from this from our allies gratitude.

The Americans: It was they that forced open our ports bringing strife to Japan. Our lands would never have been seized if not for their influence. We should be grateful I suppose for the fact that without them we would not have been included in the Dark wall treaty, but it is hard to be grateful to such people. Such a shame they are forced to live in a swamp.

The Russians: A huge and crumbling edifice. Russia will tear itself to pieces in the next few decades no doubt. It's death throes are unlikely to touch our homelands. This concept of Socialism however is dangerous better that the White Russian's win the conflict than the red, as such fanatics may seek to spread their foulness to us.

The Red Russians: Dangerous Madmen who would break down the systems of tradition and replace them with untried policies, and dangerous ideology. They are in the ascendancy at the moment but with luck the Germans will find their mettle and deal with them before we are forced to do so.

The White Russians: How many times have they approached us for help. With nothing to offer there is no good reason to anger the Germans at this time, especially when we care so little for the people asking for our aid. The highlands may have mineral resources or they may not, why embroil ourselves in the issues of others without need.

The Xorolunda: Natives. They seem uninterested in us, busy as they are fighting the British. There are lands we can take that do not include angry natives. Unless it becomes obvious that they have something we want I see no reason for us to bother with them.

The Yaxarla: The British Empires pet Natives. They seem to act honourably however so perhaps they are not so different than we. The New Confederacy however will no doubt seek to turn them into a new work force, which we may be able to use to our advantage by helping the British. Beyond that...Why should we care?


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