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Posted by: Mawdrigen Feb 6 2010, 04:34 PM
The German Empire.

Long time allies of the British Empire, the Prussians lie at the heart of the German Empire. it was they who stood against the French at Waterloo, bringing down Napoleons dreams of a conquered Europe. Indeed the Prussians were the first Country beyond the borders of the British Empire to receive a Thinking factory of their own. Such was the strength of friendship between the old allies, they received the Thinking Factory for all intents and purposes as a gift from Empress Victoria to the Kaiser Wilhelm.

The friendship even extended to the Formulae for controlling Dark wall energy and piercing even the Dark wall, although some German scientists have noted that the information was provided too late for them to take part in the first Weakening of the Wall. Such suspicions are unbecoming however given that the British Empire was under no compunction to release the information to them at all.

With the Japanese the Prussians were part of the Dark wall treaty and the creation of the German Empire has done nothing to change that, with the Alliance reconvening to ratify the inclusion of the other German States. That is not to say however that the unification of Germany has not put some strain on diplomatic connections around the world. Indeed France would barely have had to throw it's lot in with the New Confederacy had it not been for the short-lived Franco-Prussian war, that not only wrecked it's chances of putting together the technology to use it's stolen Formulae, but was also a direct contributing factor to the Unification of Germany. That is not to say of course that the other powers do not watch the new German Empire with a wary eye to see if it will pursue Imperialist expansions.

Led by Kaiser Wilhelm the first and ably guided by Bismark the new German Empire looks set to become a great industrial and economic power in the next few decades. Indeed although they lack the number of Thinking factories that the British Empire boasts, they are in the process of building three of their own, and the factories runtime is very carefully allocated. The Government holds the rights to 6 hours of any Thinking factories runtime if that factory is in greater Germany. This has allowed the German Empire to push strongly in areas such as dark wall energy manipulation for military applications. This is a region of research where even the British lag slightly behind them.

The Intention of Prussia in its foray to Eden, which has been carried forward to the German Empire, was to secure new territory hopefully to be exploited for its resources. Unfortunately they have been somewhat stymied in this by the distance contraction between the Weak spots on Eden. Their lands being so close to the British Position has meant that the German Empire cannot immediately begin Resource collection, but must first locate and secure a region for use. This problem is further exacerbated, by the the Xorlounda presence to the East, and the fact that the Russian Factions are currently fighting over the Highlands to the North East. It is suspected that these highlands probably contain mineral resources and the Empire would dearly love to seize them. However following the tenets of Realpolitik the Commander in Chief of the German Expedition Count Uther Von Dreisburg has adopted a wait and see attitude with regards to the Russian Internecine actions, gambling on the fact that they will eventually weaken themselves to the point that he can sweep into the Highlands with the forces at his disposal and seize the resources. Obviously this will cause issues back home, so he has offered some support to the White Russians, although not enough that they are likely to win the struggle. His thinking being that if he supports the White Russians until they lose, he can then sweep the Bolsheviks from the Highlands and lessen the political fallout back home. Assuming that is that the Bolsheviks do not win the War back home. However he like many Germans view the new socialism with a great deal of suspicion, and has assumed that Germany would be loath to ally itself with the Bolsheviks even if they succeed.

Von Deisburg looks upon the British as firm friends, but also realises that some day soon Germany's ambition will probably bring it into conflict with the Empire. He also greatly admires the Empires Industrial and Economic presence, indeed it is this he wishes to emulate for the German Empire.

German Empire Opinions on:

The British Empire: "Fine Fellows, they show us the way that we must go to take Germany to her rightful place. Together we trounced Napoleon and I am sure we will remain firm allies for decades to come. One day perhaps our interests will conflict, and on that day my friend the world should tremble"

The British Imperialists: "Britains in the old mould, Warriors striding the world setting it to rights. If they wish to create a new empire on Eden let them, while they are fighting the Xorolunda, the Xorolunda are not fighting us. The issue comes of course if they decide to expand in our direction."

The British Preservers: "Peace is a laudable aim, but incompatible with our aims. Their leader is an honourable man, which may lead him to trouble eventually. Their scientists are top notch however. Watch these people carefully they may surprise us yet. Their Native friends worry me somewhat, I do not trust them"

The Neo-Samurai: "How they expected their mission to succeed with no supplies I dare not think. I am somewhat glad they are the other side of the Xorolunda. Bound as we are by the Dark wall treaty I doubt they would attack us, but their ambition outstrips even ours. They are feudal lords attempting to claim new fiefdoms, that makes them more than normally chaotic. Their technology compared to ours is laughable, but their mettle, that is unquestionable."

The New Confederacy: Pah Slavers in league with the French. Never trust a man who would take a slave, he may limit himself to the other races so far but soon his eye may turn to you. As for the French the only good thing they ever did was lose a war and allow Germany to Unify.

The Americans: For all that they came by the formulae via dishonest means I can at least admire them for their indomitable natures. Plus they distrust the French as much as we do. Perhaps there would be room to achieve an agreement with them, but we must be careful not to harm our relations with the British in doing so. That said, their holding is a swamp, so they may look to expand very soon. If their expansion interferes with us, well Germany should look to Germany’s well being.

The Russians: Our allies the British fought them in the Crimea, their Land is Huge, dangerous, and near to our borders. Keep your eyes on them, the day may come when the Russian bear raises it's head and tries to devour Germany whole. Handily at the moment they are busy trying to devour themselves, keep the white Russians happy until they lose then smash the Bolsheviks to bits and claim their lands.

The Red Russians: Dangerous Bolsheviks, one step away from anarchists. Currently they have the upper hand, the upper ground, and all the resources. Wait until they have weakened themselves then wipe them out. In the meantime we must pretend that we don't hate them just dislike them, and help their enemies.

The White Russians: Less dangerous than the Bolsheviks but make no mistake they ARE dangerous. Luckily they are also weak. We can help them fight their foe, take them in when they fall, and earn ourselves their goodwill when we smash the Bolsheviks and take the high ground for ourselves. They may even thank us for it.

The Xorolunda: I am with the Imperialists, the only good Xorolunda is a dead Xorolunda... That you have chopped up.

The Yaxarla: I do not trust these natives. They claim not to be in league with the Xorolunda but how can we possibly tell? I do not agree with the Imperialists that they should be considered hostile but I wouldn't clasp them to my breast like the Preservers either. Perhaps they can be encouraged to leave the region. Leave the region and never come back in fact.

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