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Posted by: Mawdrigen Feb 6 2010, 04:43 PM
The New Confederacy.

The confederacy lost the civil war, but only due to the machinations of Abraham Lincoln, if he hadnít made the war all about slaves in the eyes of the rest of the world things would have been very different. Until that point both the French and the British would have been quite willing to aid the south in their struggle. Once he made the declaration that all slaves would be freed however the potential allies melted away, they couldnít be seen to be condoning Slavery. The war was not about this single issue however but a number of issues. It was a war about ideology more than anything, the North meddled in State rights, and spat on the Constitution by doing so. They were rich and their quickly growing population meant that they slowly came to dominate the government. After a number of clashes between the factions in the Senate, the South finally decided to Secede from the Union, which they saw as being a right granted by the constitution. The North disagreed viewing it as Mutiny, the war began.

The war was bloody and devastating. The new technology of war meant that the casualties were terrible and many were left maimed or dead. The North won, and the rebuilding of the country began. However the North still treated the South with disdain, trying to break down it's sense of nationhood and traditions, without helping repair the damage the changes to the South's way of life were causing.

The Confederacy knew about the Northís stolen Formulae however it was made quite obvious that the Southern states would not be welcome to join in the expedition to Eden. The North still had a great deal of anger with the south and the thought of including their recent enemies in the bright new future of the new world was not something they could stomach. The South would be excluded and the North would reap the rewards.

Indeed the South would not have stood a chance to partake in the bounty of Eden if it had not been for the Prussians and indeed Bismarkís dream of a unified Germany. He knew that before a unified Germany could be formed, War with the French Empire of Napoleon the Third must come first. The French ambassadors slightly edited meeting with the Kaiser on the question of the Spanish throne, coupled with the fact that it was widely believed that the French had stolen both the Dark wall Formulae and the plans for the engines needed to pierce the weak point, provided more than enough excuse for the war. Indeed it was the French that declared war on the Prussians although they soon had cause to regret the action.

Napoleon the third was captured, but before the Prussians and their allies laid siege to Paris the Scientists and their stolen cargo escaped by steamer to Louisiana. There they threw themselves on the mercy of the remaining Southern Loyalists. After the initial conversations an accord was reached, the French would aid the South in reaching Eden and in return at a later date the South would Aid France.

The preparations were made in secret and Richard Heron Anderson chosen to lead the South's expedition. Anderson was an interesting choice as despite fighting for the Confederacy during the war (he had resigned his US army commission to do so) he was known to have Anti-slavery sentiments, having run a cotton plantation of his own after the war.

The expedition was therefore far smaller than otherwise have been possible, but due to much grass roots support (indeed most of the supplies were either donated or paid for using donations) there were no end of volunteers. This coupled with the small French contingent made for a somewhat eclectic mix.

The weak spot opened and the Expedition passed through amid great pomp despite the attempts at secrecy. The Birth of a New Confederacy in the new world was too good a thing for many people to miss. Unfortunately they found themselves in a swamp not unlike the Bayous of Louisiana near to where they set off. Having scouted for some distance however they managed to locate a large rock outcrop which they have set their main settlement in. This however was not the only set back that the expedition suffered, as the machinery holding the Weak spot open failed before the weakening was over leaving a large number of the expedition behind. Rumours abound that this was caused by the interference of the Union, and the last few people who passed through the portal do agree that they heard gunfire.

Now in Eden they are slowly expanding their holdings, the presence of the Union not a great distance to the North has caused a great deal of friction. Stuck as they are in a swampy area unsuited to agriculture they have scouted a great deal of the lands around them, encroaching on the new holdings of the Yaxarla. Many of the previous slave keepers have argued that the Yaxarla would make good slaves, as even the North could not claim they were enslaving their fellow man, and the Land they occupy is both Fertile and rich in potential. So far however Anderson has resisted these calls being unwilling to repeat the mistakes of the Past. The South is already in Eden in spite of the Union and he does not wish to antagonise them any further. Sadly this is not his only problem as the internal pressures caused by the French contingent of the Expedition who are effectively a force within a force threaten to break their alliance apart.

New Confederacy Opinions on:

The British Empire: If not for the North's politicians no doubt the British would have been on our side in the Civil war. With their aid we might even have won. Don't let the fact that they didn't help blind you that was down to a Union Trick, they were always good customers for our wares providing they didn't have to know who provided the labour.

The British Imperialists: These British probably would not care if we enslaved the Natives, hell they might even welcome it. We have a kinship with their leader, he was also forced to step into a region of dubious legality by the demands of others.

The British Preservers: On the other hand this faction of the British would likely go to war if we tried to take the natives. They're almost as hypocritical as the North. Anderson insists we try and keep them sweet just in case the imperialists misconstrue our actions as being a slight against them. It's only a matter of time though, we can't stay in a swamp forever.

The German Empire: I suppose with out them we would've never gotten to Eden, or at least not until the North was willing to throw us a crust. They pushed the French into our arms, and they brought their technology and machinery. I suppose we should be grateful, but they're so damn prissy it's difficult. Lucky we live in a swamp I suppose, otherwise they might look to take the land we've got.

The Neo-Samurai: The Japanese are Mad. They don't seem to have even made it into the 14th century let alone the 19th. They came to Eden without even food but with thousands of men armed with Grandfathers pig-sticker. They are planning something.

The Americans: Our beloved countrymen. I only have one thing to say with regards to them, The South Will Rise Again! Don't trust the Yankees.

The Russians: Back home Russia is an awful long way away, here they are far too close for comfort. They seem to hate each other as much as we hate the north so maybe there might be some common ground to be had, although with which lot I couldn't say.

The Red Russians: Currently in the Ascendancy but if the Germans do anything more than say they'll help the Tsars lot that'll shift quickly. Not too sure whether trusting them is a great idea.

The White Russians: They don't get on with the British, and our French friends fought them in the Crimea, but it might be worth helping them out. We've got precious few real allies in Eden, and if the Union decides to make trouble we might need some. We'd be better allies than the Germans anyhow.

The Xorolunda: The Natives have an economy based of free labour just like we did, shame they don't seem to be able to tell we aren't the same as the others. If we could calm them down we could no doubt come to an amicable agreement about the Yaxarla.

The Yaxarla: They aren't people so there can't be any issue with using them as labour. Their lands are rich and fertile, all ready for agriculture. If it wasn't for that one faction of the British sheltering them under it's wing Old Anderson would have had to move by now, no matter what the Frenchies say. If they fall out with the Brits though, or if Anderson gets replaced, times could get real interesting.

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