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Mawdrigen - February 6, 2010 04:31 PM (GMT)
British Imperialist Faction.

Lord Chelmsford's attack on the Xorolunda homelands was defeated partially by a lack of preparation, and the belief that after the battle of the Weak spot the Xorolunda would be far more disorganised than it turned out that they were. As it was, the timely intervention of Major General Summers and the Artillery train allowed the beleaguered First column to escape the clutches of the pursuing natives. However it was at this point Summers proved his lack of command ability. Rather than pushing on to the site of Chelmsford's camp and retaking it, possibly retrieving the wounded, and turning a complete military disaster to a Partial disaster, he called an immediate retreat and withdrew back out of the Xorolunda holdings.

More skilled military minds though that perhaps he was pulling back to reach a place of security to allow him to conduct a comprehensive scouting mission. However when they retreated all the way back to the Science Outpost it became obvious that he had no intention of doing anything of the sort, and was interested only in holding the ground that the British had already claimed.

Major-General Innis tried to reason with him, as a member of a long military lineage he proposed that to surrender the initiative to the Xorolunda at this point was to make a grave tactical error. Summers however rather bluntly stated that he was not interested in such warmongering and as Commander of the expedition he would try and persuade the Yaxarla to speak on the British side with the Xorolunda. In the meantime they would merely hold their own positions.

Many among the Military expedition was shocked by this complacency, the fact that that he was effectively ignoring the Xorolunda's deep seated and seemingly irrational hatred of humans in general made people wonder how successful his method would be. The Yaxarla themselves spoke of how the Xorolunda did not trust them and had until very recently used them as slaves. The diplomatic mission therefore seemed doomed from the start, and the Xorolunda did continue raiding the outer parts of the British lines, which caused many deaths. The rise of the Feeder Herds caused yet more death, with many patrols being slaughtered and devoured by the rampaging Xorolunda.

The straw that broke the camels back was the discovery of Lord Chelmsford’s diary, which told that Major General Innis had been his choice for second in command and he had been forced by Gladstone's Government to take on Summers instead. The notes detailed that Chelmsford had been Disrealis' government choice for commander and so Gladstone's appointment of Summers as second was deeply suspicious, made more-so by Chelmsford's habit of referring to Summers as "His Political Officer".

Many of the other officers in the military expedition went to Major-General Innis to complain of the deplorable situation which saw soldier’s lives being thrown away on a seemingly impossible dream. Swayed by their arguments Innis approached Summers, but the Commander was unmoved by the arguments The conference became heated and Innis suggested that perhaps those members of the expedition that felt as he did should be allowed to prosecute the action against the Xorolunda as they saw fit. Summers immediately seized on this decrying it as mutiny (although it was nothing of the sort) and having taken the first step Innis was backed into a corner where he could not back down without surrendering his position completely.

Preparations were made for Innis and all members of the military establishment who ascribed to the belief that the War with the Xorolunda should be prosecuted strongly (or rather those whose unit leaders ascribed to that belief) to leave and take a position north of the main British holdings. From there they would strike into the centre of the Xorolunda homelands and drive the warlike natives from them. However at this point Innis suffered two setbacks, one in that most of the scientists refused to join his expedition, and also that Summers withdrew the men guarding the northern section.

Innis was not terribly surprised by the actions of the scientists however as most were political animals themselves having been chosen for the mission by the government. Summers actions however were a shock. Innis did not have enough men to both guard the northern section of the British holdings and also prosecute a strong war against the Xorolunda. If his men marched they would be forced to leave the Science mission effectively undefended with potentially dire consequences. Also Summers retained the larger part of the supplies, and the expertise required to manufacture more, leaving Innis with only what the units that had joined him were carrying at the time they withdrew to the north. Instead of a decisive war Innis was forced to defend the ground he'd claimed while sending armed raiders into Xorolunda lands.

Worse still it soon became obvious that relations between the Xorolunda and the Yaxarla were nowhere near as bad as Summers had been led to believe. Several of the armed patrols reported seeing meetings between the two forces, and given that the Xorolunda have been in position to ambush many patrols it has become obvious that the Yaxarla are feeding them information. It may even be the case that the Yaxarla are trading Rifles to the Xorolunda as increasing numbers of Xorolunda are being seen with firearms although they remain unskilled in their use.
Reviled by the so called "Preservers" as the Imperialists Innis and his men take the name proudly, when the dust settles it will be they who have taken the land of Eden for Queen Victoria.

Imperialist Opinions on:

The British Preservers: "They are the same as us, but unfortunately under the command of a man selected for his political rather than military suitability. They do not realise that the Yaxarla, the natives they wish to preserve and protect are selling them down the river. WE must protect them from themselves."

The German Empire: "The Prussians are perfectly positioned to grant us aid against the Xorolunda, if they could be persuaded to guard the northern approach to the Science mission we could push into the Xorolunda homeland and end the war in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately they seem to be gearing up to push the Russians from the highlands."

The Neo-Samurai: "Large blocks of spear wielding peasants and feudal lords have no place in modern war. Those things went down with mounted knights. That said if we could train them up to modern standards we could crush the Xorolunda Hammer and Anvil!"

The United States of America: "The Colonials make much of their war of independence, but note that they never mention the Heights of Abraham. We own half of the World why would we want their penny-ante country. That said it is our destiny to take control of Eden after all it was our scientists who found it and they are here through underhand techniques."

The New Confederacy: "By far the more civilised of the American peoples, some even joined us in the War of Independence They seem to have designs on the Yaxarla, I say we let them do what they like. The Natives will be less able to betray us when they are in chains. Perhaps the leadership of Humans will forge them into something useful. "

The Russians: "Damnable Cads, and Military expansionists. They tried to take Turkey and we blacked their eye good and proper. If we didn't have the Damn Natives trying to knock our teeth in we'd go give the Bear another good thrashing. How did they get here anyway, some underhanded method I'll be bound."

The Red Russians: "Some peasant uprising started by an intellectual intent on upsetting the apple cart. If this dangerous ideology spread to our own people there could be blood washing the Strand in a week. Leave these madmen alone."

The White Russians: "They want the whole world back home under their aegis, and no doubt want the Same for Eden. We were here first however, and once the Xorolunda are dealt with the Russians will be the next target, and even Summers cannot complain about that one."

The Xorolunda: "Dangerous Natives who due to a lack of will on the part of our erstwhile commander believe they can besmirch the honour of the British army with impunity. Once we have disentangled ourselves from our defensive requirements we will teach them that they cannot."

The Yaxarla: "On the surface they seem friendly enough. They aren't human though, and the Xorolunda and they are meeting regularly. The influx of Rifles into the Xorolunda regions are coming from somewhere, and as part of his defence of these natives Summers has given them rifles and insists on teaching them. I can put two and two together."


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