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Mawdrigen - February 6, 2010 04:27 PM (GMT)
British Preserver Faction.

When Lord Chelmsford Died in his aborted attack against the Xorolunda homelands his second-in-command Major-General Summers took command. He immediately recalled the battered remnants of the Forward Column back to the weak point and began to consider other options. He could see that the Xorolunda would not be stopped from attacking by waging war against them, as it would only serve to strengthen their prejudices against the Humans. Instead he hoped to fight a holding war with areas where the British would defend themselves against the Xorolunda rather than invading their holdings, while at the same time attempting to use the Yaxarla as go betweens. The Yaxarla believed that after the beating the Humans had given the Xorolunda at the battle of the Bluff and during the assault on the weak spot the Xorolunda would most likely accept a peace for the time being as they were no doubt shaken to their core.

The now second in command of the expedition Major General Innis argued, that now the Xorolunda were demoralised and shaken it would be best to press the advantage. Wipe them out and end their threat for good. It was a stance very popular with the troops especially those who had survived the Xorolunda attack on Chelmsford's camp. Summers however refused, stating that genocide was not a crime he wished to besmirch the Queens honour with. Supported by the Scientists he refused to accept that the differences between Humans and Xorolunda were insurmountable and wished to give the Yaxarla more time to negotiate a truce. Until such time as it became untenable the British would defend themselves but would not advance into Xorolunda territory.

Unknown to Summers although he was popular with some sections of the troops, to many of whom it was obvious he was the superior tactician, others viewed his lack of noble title to be a major issue. Rumours abounded also that he had been selected by Gladstone's parliament to act as a limiter on Chelmsford's somewhat more warlike nature. As such a large number of the Senior members of the First and Second Eden Regiments considered him unfit to command, and when Chelmsford's diary was released describing Summers as his "political" officer large numbers of them pushed for Innis to assume command.

Enough of the Scientists and Troops supported Summers to make this possibility untenable, so instead Innis demanded to be allowed to ask for volunteers to prosecute the fight against the Xorolunda. Summers recognised the action for what it was, a genteel mutiny, however he also recognised that if he were to try and resist Innis' demands then the damage to the British expedition in Eden might well become critical. He reluctantly agreed and approximately half of the Armed forces, and 1/10th of the Scientists signed up to Innis' Militant faction. Summers however considered this a success as he had informed Innis that he would be expected to set up his own settlement, and also that the remaining faction would NOT help him to prosecute a war against the Xorolunda. Innis moved his faction to the north east and Summers pulled his defences back from that section meaning that Innis not only had to defend his own settlement but was left with too few men to mount a strong assault on the Xorolunda homelands.

The Preservers (as summers faction became known) continued to try and gain an agreement with the Xorolunda through their allies the Yaxarla. The talks did not proceed anywhere near as quickly as Summers would have preferred however mainly due to the Xorolunda's attitudes towards their former source of slaves. Things only got worse when it became obvious that Innis no longer believed that the Yaxarla were on the side of the British and the moment the Xorolunda were out of the way intended to force the Yaxarla from their lands into some form of reservation. The Yaxarla have been the source of many bitter recriminations between the preservers and the now renamed Imperialists, and this is in turn eroding the trust between the natives and Summers.

Many of the scientists applaud Summers' stance however, they consider that they have a duty to help the Native people's better themselves and indeed Summers has set up some schools on the edge of Preserver territory to educate any Yaxarla (or for that matter Xorolunda) who wishes to learn. As yet only a few Yaxarla have taken up the offer but they are progressing well. The majority of the preserver force is behind the concept that Eden should where possible be preserved, although obviously certain resources do need to be exploited.

The discovery that not only the Dark wall treaty powers are present on Eden has caused some considerable consternation to Summers, especially the possibility of a civil war between the two United States factions to his west.

The fact that certain factions of the New Confederacy consider the Yaxarla to be prime candidates for a captive workforce adds still more problems. That said the presence of the Russian Forces is far more worrying. Both Summers and Innis have orders to the effect that no Russian presence is to be tolerated in Eden. In the wake of the Crimean War the British Government considered it imperative to keep Russian interference in Eden to the absolute minimum, to this end the British commander was given broad powers to prosecute a limited war against the Russians should their espionage bear fruit and allow them to reach Eden. As yet neither of the British factions have been able to extricate themselves from the conflict with the Xorolunda or the Feeder herds to allow them to do anything about these orders. As yet they also make no distinction between the two factions of the Russian forces..

Preserver Opinions on:

The British Imperialists: "They are our countrymen, they are also technically mutineers however this is an unusual situation so that generalisation is not particularly helpful. If we can manage to reach an accommodation with the Xorolunda it may be possible to return them to the fold and begin the rather more important work of setting up working settlements in Eden."

The German Empire: "The German's are our firm allies. We stood together against the French when the threat of Napoleons army, and we stand together now as members of the Dark wall treaty. It is likely that they will aid us in our struggle against the Russian Bear when the time comes."

The Neo-Samurai: "The Japanese people are also our allies and we applaud their drive to modernise their ways, and put paid to some of their past excesses. The sad fact is however that the expedition sent by their emperor seems to be made entirely of the people that did not wish to be involved in the modernisation. However they are our allies and should be treated as such."

The United States of America: "The American's seem to have a very low opinion of us, presumably because of their war of independence They seem to regard us with an almost paranoid distrust, as if we mean to sail back to Boston and retake the place by force. They are a burgeoning country, but unlike us as yet they have not taken the burden of responsibility upon themselves yet. Their treatment of the Red Indians back home shows that.

The New Confederacy: "If not for the whole slavery issue no doubt we would find much common ground with the Confederacy. However we cannot ignore the Moral dilemma posed by them, nor can we ignore the fact that they are here via shady methods. Rumours they intend to enslave the Yaxarla are distressing, and we may be called upon to defend the natives from them Such is ever the British burden"

The Russians: "Russia is a crumbling edifice that will devour countries whole to keep itself going. They will seize on any justification for their actions and as the Crimea showed they are ruthless in their pursuit of these aims. We have clear orders as to what the presence of the Russian forces means. War my friends will unfortunately mar Eden. Like the garden of the bible Evil has slunk in on it's belly."

The Red Russians: "Although our orders are clear one cannot but wonder if some form of accommodation could be made with these so called 'Red' Russians They represent the people of the Russian country, surely they would not wish for war but peace?"

The White Russians: "The very people who tried to Invade Turkey on the pretence that it was the 'sick man of Europe' and cost so many British and French lives in the Crimea. No one believes that this was any thing other than another attempt to gain control in India. We must not allow Eden to be marred by their presence. We also need to find out how they secured the knowledge to come to Eden. Once the Xorolunda Question is dealt with there will unfortunately have to be a reckoning."

The Xorolunda: "Misguided and not trusting, if we could only persuade them that we are not the 'destroyers' returned perhaps a lasting peace could be worked out to our mutual benefit. They could no doubt be educated and become productive members of the British Empire. Genocide is not the answer."

The Yaxarla: "Proof of the fact that the natives of Eden can better their lot. Admittedly I would like to see more of them using our schools"

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