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Title: Groups for the One Day Event:

Mawdrigen - April 14, 2011 08:12 AM (GMT)
Please add your prospective groups for the one day event to this thread please!

As previously stated I'll be choosing the players based on things I want to see in use.


Group Name: First Kings Own Regiment of Medics
Members: R Crookes, J Crookes, B Crookes Total 15 points
1st member: (R Crookes) Toughened (1), Pistol familiarity (1), Automatic Pistol (1) (Barricade) Medic (1)
2nd member: (J Crookes) Toughened (1), Pistol familiarity (1), Automatic Pistol (1) (Barricade) Medic (1)
3rd member: (B Crookes) Toughened (1), Pistol familiarity (1), Automatic Pistol (1) (Barricade), Medic (1), Surgeon (2)

Improved ammunition ration (Pistol) (1)

Lt. Cmdr Austin - June 3, 2011 12:22 AM (GMT)
The First detachment of the 24th of foot: (Provisional)
British imperialists, scouting squad lead by Coln. Cain
Members: Coln. Cain, Lt. Davies, C.M Davis, Pte. Davyse, Pte. Davey, (POSS TOM)

[1st member]: Coln. Cain (Mr Rich) Machine Pistol (1), (No purchase cost available for sword), Toughened (1)

Officer, Gentleman and allround good bean, little bit green however, looking forward to his first tour of duty.

[2nd member]: Lt. Davies (Mr Liam) Rifle (1) medic (1) rifle familiarity (1)

Down to earth 2nd from the valleys Picked up a good few tricks with the Sheep Herds.

[3rd member]: Chosen Man Davis (Mr Charlie) Rifle (1) toughened(1) Snap out of it (1) rifle familiarity (1)

On loan from an african regiment (Charlie?) Sharpshooter and bushman with survival skills learnt the hard way.

[4th member]: Pte. Davyse (Mr Christo) Rifle (1) Rifle Familiarity (1) mathmagic (2)

Salt of the earth Valleyfolk, grew up in same town as lt. Davies, Shared a nan too. black sheep that one though, went to oxford on scholorship!

[5th member]: Pte. Spec. Davey (Mr Rhyss) Heavy Weapon (3) Heavy Weapon Familiarity (3) snail clip (2)
On loan from the Royal Artiliary Corps, Pte. Spec. Davey is quite bemused by the welsh.

double rations for: heavy weapons (1), Rifles (3)

Mawdrigen - June 6, 2011 10:34 AM (GMT)
Awesome I will be able to lend you an automatic heavy weapon if you do not have one (ps you may want to buy an extended or snail clip for it!)

Lt. Cmdr Austin - June 6, 2011 10:33 PM (GMT)
Ah cheers that would be awesome

Mawdrigen - June 7, 2011 08:31 AM (GMT)
Standard rules apply of course, lose it, break it, or turn it into icecream and you have bought it :D

Also a couple of other things!

One I can't supply any other weapons (have to arm the NPC's)

Two remember that Pistol Rations are 6 bullets, Rifles 12, and Machineguns 20. You might wish to buy improved rations, OR scavenge rations whenever possible :D

Discordia - June 9, 2011 05:15 PM (GMT)
Names will have to wait till sunday, but the group is as follows:

Members: Phil Bell, Sam Webb, Simon Ireland, Dani Jones, Adam.
Total 25 points

1st member (6pts): (Sam Webb) Pistol familiarity (1), Automatic Pistol (1) (Barricade), Medic (1), Surgeon (2), "Damn all you butchers!" (1)

2nd member (4pts): Douglas Moore (Phil Bell) Automatic Pistol (1) (Recon), "Snap out of it!" (1), Shotgun (1) (Sawn-off Doubleshot), Extended Clip (1)

3rd member (4pts): (Dani Jones) Pistol familiarity (1), Automatic Pistol (1) (Barricade), Medic (1), Toughened (1)

4th member (4pts): (Simon Ireland) Pistol familiarity (1), Automatic pistol (1) (Recon), Medic (1), Extended Clip (1)

5th member (4pts): (Adam) Pistol familiarity (1), Automatic pistol (1) (Barricade), Officer of Engineers (1), Toughened (1)

Group Purchases (3pts): Improved ammunition ration (Pistol) (1), Improved ammunition ration (Pistol) (2)

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