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Title: One Day Test Game.

Mawdrigen - April 11, 2011 08:51 AM (GMT)
First question then, when does the Next Uni Term Start.

I'm thinking I will run the one day test on either the second, or third weekend in June. This allows all of the exams to be done and means I can gather my refs :D

It will run on a Sunday so needs to be a sunday with no SR.

Probably start earlier than SR usually does (thinking 12 for monsters 1300 for players perhaps) and run until 1900 possibly (depends on if a) mission is complete or B) everyone is dead)

Please sign up below to let me know if you would be coming, and more importantly whether you'd be playing or crewing. Please note there will be limited playing spots, and my choice will be based on what I want to see in the playtest. So interesting groups or groups that will use rules I want to test are more likely to get in :D

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