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Title: Field Emplacements

Mawdrigen - April 3, 2011 07:01 AM (GMT)
Field emplacements

With Bombs and Cannons on the battlefields it can be a dangerous place for the common infantryman. One that can be made somewhat safer by the use of defensive emplacements set up by a knowledgeable officer of engineers. These emplacements will protect anyone in them from the effects of bombs which are outside the emplacement (i.e. if someone throws a grenade into the emplacement you will not gain the effect) stopping them from taking any damage as long as they are within the emplacement.
To create a defensive emplacement, the officer of engineers need to perform appropriate role-playing while sandbags are filled (sacks filled with leaves are acceptable) and placed in the required positions. To count as a defensive position the level of the bags must be at least 2' high.

Additionally defensive emplacements will also provide cover from powerful weapons like cannons, although they may become damaged in doing so. If a shot from such a weapon manages to pass through the emplacement and hit a person inside then the hit is negated. However any damage caused by its passage remains, and the emplacement no longer protects against bombs.

One unit of sand bags is equivalent to 15 large sacks.

Offensive Emplacements are items such as barbed wire. Barbed wire prevents people from passing through an area unless they first deal with the wire, giving precious seconds in which to gun them down. It is more easily cleared by people with Demolitions, who can remove it with a bomb; otherwise it takes 30 seconds with appropriate tools to clear, without tools it takes 2 minutes. Barbed wire can be Phys-repped with string between sticks hammered into position. Again an Officer of Engineers must oversee the placement. The string is an accurate depiction of the height of the barbed wire; it can be jumped over, but if a jumping attempt is made and not successful the person attempting to jump will take a wound in the location that touched the wire. Obviously this should only be attempted if it is safe to do so.

One unit of barbed wire is enough to provide a 4 metre long 1 metre high 30 cm wide stretch of wire. This can be split up however the Officer wishes.

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