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Title: Combat Tested!!!
Description: The Rain Approves of our Violence!

Mawdrigen - May 17, 2010 09:04 AM (GMT)
Thank you to all who came and participated in the Babbage Fight test! We Braved torrential rain, missfiring Mavericks, and Mr Petes Friendly fire (and mine :P) and got pretty much everything I wanted to test tested!

The Combat seems to have ticked the fun and deadly boxes! There are a few issues with not noticing you've been hit but with such light projectiles that's to be expected.

The Wound Effects and Shock seemed to work OK although In a set of skirmishes like that the combat was a bit more intense than would be normal.

It takes Xorolunda 5 charges to empty a gunline of Raiders (also Witch Doctor Magic does sometimes work!)

Cover is king but a spirited (and slightly suicidal) charge carried through can take the day.

I have some pictures which I will try and load up soon.

Please feel free to put combat feedback here!

Den - May 19, 2010 06:59 PM (GMT)
Combat was fun :)

Don't die on holly, it hurts, esp when it lodged.

Bullets on Eden move slightly slower than on Earth, meaning they can be slightly dodged ;)

Mavericks have a tendancy to misfire...increased when you get mud stuck in the barrel...oops.

Nightfinders are awesome for range, accuracy and power. However, single shot amd lack of ammo storage are their downfall.

Spaffing a clip of bullets into a Xorolunda charge feels very good. However, 2 well placed darts is far more effective.

Light projectiles makes it difficult to know you've been hit, particularly if shot from behind or wearing a few layers of clothing.

Shots in the nipples will always smart no matter the range. Also, shots will somehow find your nipples, no matter the range.

Damp darts left in a snail clip = condensation.

Marking darts is essential, use Sharpie rather than anything else as it seems to lead to marks coming off and messy hands.

Oh on the point of darts, I've just sorted out the ones I ended up with.
of the ones that aren't mine I have:
4 with Targets on (Mr Phil)
20 or so Streamlines with 3 bands and 4 whistlers (Mr Rich)
And 2 with black crosses on the heads (Mr Pete?)
I'll bring them along next time I'm visiting.
I'm down 20 or so each of Whistlers and Streamlines, which given the number of darts taken, and that they are prob in the ammo crate really isn't too bad. Although I suspect they will be turning up in the woods for years to come :)

All in all...combat test = fun :D

Mawdrigen - May 20, 2010 03:43 PM (GMT)
I went through the crate and guns yesterday evening so have the bullets all sorted into piles

I have a double handfull of "DADS" probably just over a handfull of "Targets" and 8 or so "Cross ends"

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