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Title: [COMBAT TEST] Need to be reinvigorated.

Mawdrigen - April 22, 2010 08:50 AM (GMT)
With so much writing for this already done, and yet still so much left to do I feel the need to be reinvigorated.

Therefore I've decided to say fuck it and suggest we might want to try a fight test on Sunday 16th of May up on the Uni, probably gathering at the Uni carpark around 2 ish before wandering over to the new section of the Wilderness (less people from the public go through there) to run some tests on the combat system.

What you will need:

Goggles (we need to work out if they are neccessary for a start) <-- No Longer Needed!
A Nerf Gun
Some Bullets (Please feel free to mark your bullets so you can tell them apart from other peoples)

and Preferably
A Larp weapon (sword or other hand weapon for preference)

The Fight test will be to allow me to run through some scenarios and see how the combat runs. Importantly things like the Wounded period and wound effects will be tested, as will the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various weapons will be checked. There will be no need to work out characters (even assuming I've managed to finish those rules by then!!) as you'll likely get restatted a number of times over the day!

Remember that the combat in Eden is SUPPOSED to be deadly especially in Player V Player combat. If the Players start unloading on each other it's supposed to be a big deal. Player Vs Xorolunda combat meanwhile is supposed to replicate the scenes of the Zulu attacks you may well have seen in "Zulu"

Please let me know on this thread if you will be able to take part!

Mawdrigen - May 5, 2010 10:44 AM (GMT)
Goggles will no longer be required for this now as we've received info they are likely not needed.

Don't shoot people in the face if you can help it tho!

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