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Title: Things what go boom

Mawdrigen - February 9, 2010 08:43 PM (GMT)

Bombs are dangerous and difficult to use but for when you absolutely have to destroy something utterly they are the only thing that will suffice. They come in several different types some of which can be used as weapons and others which must be placed in position to be effective. Bombs are in some cases very dangerous to use and in some cases may even claim the lives of the users.

Time Bombs:

Time bombs are simple devices consisting of a timer and a certain amount of explosives. As the device is simplistic, they can be set by anyone, but later cannot be reset to a later time once set, however they are somewhat difficult to disarm and can only be disarmed by someone with the appropriate skills.

Time bombs MUST have some form of timer with a bell or alarm on them. When the bell is sounded the bomb has exploded. The effects of a bomb vary by its positioning.

If it was attached to an item by someone using the Demolitions skill that item is destroyed, there is however no other explosive effect in the vicinity as the blast is directed towards destroying the item as fully as possible. The item cannot be repaired.

If set as an area effect weapon any one within 3 metres of the bomb with be struck by an always Fatal blow, up to double that distance people will be struck with 3 Wounding hits, beyond that anyone who hears the bell will be struck with a single wound. For the Wounding hits, the location of the blows is up to the person struck, but the damage is applied in a single strike, so one location will be struck with the full weight of the damage.

There are two times when the damage will be altered.

The first is when a bomb goes off and a potential victim of the bomb has solid cover between them and the direction of the explosion. Such cover must be substantial, sandbags, brick walls, and large trees for example. Flimsy cover such as bushes and other such things provide no protection. Victims behind hard cover count as being at the 1 wound distance no matter how close to the explosive they are UNLESS they are already at the 1 wound distance in which case they avoid all damage.

The second is when the bomb is placed inside a room. Assuming the room is of normal size everyone inside the room will be struck with an Always Fatal blow, as the walls redirect the blast. No one outside the room will be harmed.

Fragile items within a room or within 3 metres of a blast will be broken and must be repaired before they can be used once more. The repairs must be performed by someone with the appropriate skills.

Disarming a time bomb can be achieved by someone with the demolitions skill but is a risky business. The operation usually takes 90 Seconds of RP, at the end of which the bomb will not explode even if the timer goes off. However if the timer goes off while the engineer is working, however he is instantly killed, his proximity to the bomb ensuring his death.

NB: The rules below this point are dependant on how we are able to replicate such items as grenades. As such they should not be considered the end result until we have looked into the ways of doing them.


Grenades are a special sort of explosive that can be used as weapons. They are thrown like a throwing dagger and cause 2 wounding hits on everyone within a metre of where it strikes. This can be prevented by the age old method of one person jumping on top of it. This person suffers an Always Fatal hit, but no other damage is done. As with other explosives the damage is applied to one location at the choice of the victim.

Fury - April 3, 2011 06:35 PM (GMT)
Ive seen soft cast grenades for sale, will find the link, or training grenades that have a blank shot inside. Or even old smoke grenades with a bell inside?

Mawdrigen - April 4, 2011 08:05 AM (GMT)
Well currently I have some Nerf Missiles I'm going to try :D

Munchkin Ben - April 4, 2011 12:07 PM (GMT)
Friend of mine thinks he could get 100' out of a home made nerf rocket launcher.

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