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Title: Experience points

Mawdrigen - February 9, 2010 08:42 PM (GMT)
Experience points.

Each group will be given experience points based on the "experience ratio" of the event (likely to be between 1 and 3) and the number of character that survived the entire event. Players who died and created new characters at the event, can either continue playing that character and earn experience for it, or create a new character worth 5 points. People who have changed groups will not earn experience either for their old group or the new group they have joined.

The experience points will be given to the group as a "pot", each person who survived must receive one point each for skills or personal equipment, and nobody can receive more than 2 times the "experience ratio". The remaining points may be spent on Group Purchases, or granted to replacement or new characters as the group sees fit.

Certain group purchases can only be bought through experience points. These are marked as “Experience” as opposed to “Purchasable” which can be bought with points when creating a new character as part of a group.


The British First Science Corps has come through the disastrous affair at the Liberty Headland, a particularly difficult event to survive (experience ratio 2). In the Course of the event 2 of the rifle men died, as did Dr Dear. The Science corps therefore earns 6 exp for having a rifleman; Dr Martin and Professor Drake survive.

The group decides to spend the experience as follows.
Dr Martin receives the minimum of 1 point for surviving, as does the Rifleman, they both spend it on armour!
Professor Drake then receives the maximum 4 points (twice the ratio) for himself.


(Note I am not sure if this bit is needed, it prevents uber characters leeching from everyone else in their group, BUT most events will be exp ratio 1 anyhow)

If due to death, or because they've been spending most of the groups experience on him a character ends up with 3 times more personal skills/equipment than the next lowest character then they cannot receive more experience from the pot than the minimum, and they can if they wish waive the minimum.


After a Few more events Professor Drake is carrying around 14 points of skills and equipment, whereas Dr Martin is only on 4 points. For one event (where they are the only survivors again) they earn 4 exp and decide to give Professor Drake 1 and Dr Martin 3. If he wished Professor Drake could have taken 0 experience and Dr Martin could have taken it all.

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