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Mawdrigen - February 9, 2010 08:42 PM (GMT)
Character Generation General stuff.

This is actually a misnomer, characters are not generated, and rather GROUPS are generated. In some cases these groups might consist of one player. Each player in a group contributes a number of points to the central pot (currently I am going with 5) which are then totalled together and doled out as required. Each person must receive at minimum 2 points and at maximum 10 points to spend on skills; any points remaining after skills are bought are spent on "purchases" such as an improved ammo supply or access to specialist equipment.

When creating a group you are not limited in what purchases you can make, except where the purchase states “Not at generation”.


The First British Science Corps consists of 6 players. Therefore the communal pot is worth 30 points.
The group consists of 3 rifle men, who have each been given the minimum 2 points to buy Toughened, and Rifle Familiarity. Professor Drake has taken 6 points of Mathemagical skills, Toughened, Rifle familiarity and 2 points of Leadership skills bringing him to the maximum of ten. The other two doctors have each taken 3 points of Mathemagical skills. They have spent a total of 22 points on Skills.

The remaining 8 they spend on "Purchases" 1 on a small chaos engine, 2 for two phlogiston turbines, 4 on Rifles for those familiar (and assigned to them), and a final 1 on improved rifle ammunition supplies giving everyone more ammunition for their rifles.

Professor Drake here seems to have done the best out of this deal, which is broadly the case; however without the others he's unlikely to succeed at very much!

Purchases and Rations.

Some skills are actually equipment purchases or rations (such as ammunition rations), equipment with the description "personal" needs to be assigned to an owner. This is that person’s personal equipment. Other people can use it if they have or gain the appropriate familiarity, but if that person dies at the end of the event it will be lost. Most personal items are things such as Rifles, Pistols, or powered blades.

Group equipment is not assigned to a given person therefore it cannot be lost due to someone dying. Most heavy weapons and Mathemagical equipment fall under this heading.

Rations are based on the people in the group. As a default you will receive a basic ration of ammo for every firearm in the group. If you take a given Ration purchase you will receive another ration for each class of firearm and so on. Please not that this is only for weapons wielded by people present at the event. If you have 4 riflemen and only two have come to the event Improved Rifle Ammunition Supplies will only provide you with two extra rations not 4.

Rations for Group Equipment are per instance of that equipment.

Equipment can be reassigned, but only at events and you must notify the game team so they can reissue the lammy. This prevents people reassigning equipment then retiring a character, creating a new character and rejoining. Abuses of the ability to reassign equipment will be spotted and excess equipment may be removed from the group as the Quartermasters turn up to haul it off in a cart.

Stealing equipment

You cannot "steal" equipment from other members of your own group. Or rather you can but there is no system in place in the game to deal with it. Stealing from another group however IS important to have a system for.

Personal equipment and group equipment can be stolen, and if you do so you must take the Phys-rep DIRECTLY to the game team. Otherwise you run the risk of being banned for actually stealing from other players! Once you have done this you will either have to provide your own Phys-rep or get the permission of the owner to use their phys rep for the item.

For the rest of the event you can use the item, and the other group is bereft of it. Please note that they might come and steal it back. Or shoot you.

At the end of the event all phys reps should be returned to their owners.

The Group who has been stolen from may either count the item as lost, and possibly repurchase it with experience points if they have enough, or may give up one set of improved rations to have a new item issued by stores (this represents raising the ire of the Quartermasters). This is not possible for items marked as restricted, or for items created using engineering, repurchasing is the only option for restricted items, and remaking is the only option for engineering items. People are likely to be irate if you nick things like that.

The Group that stole the item must spend 1 exp on retaining it. The item is then theirs, HOWEVER. They do not receive any rations for the weapon, and if it is lost or stolen do not receive the option to repurchase it. If the item is one which their faction CANNOT purchase it will be taken off them by their factions R&D department.


If the group retrieves the dead characters body they may retain their assigned equipment, however they may only keep this until the end of the event when it is assumed to go back into stores. Any points spent on that characters skills are lost to the group. In subsequent events they will lose that characters Ammo ration and any other Rations they are due.

Assuming that the character has died at an event then they will be free to create a character with 5 points (for the first death, 4 for the second, 3 for the third, and 2 thereafter) that can be spent on Skills or personal equipment only, this character is known as a reinforcement character and certain equipment will be marked as not available to such characters. Such equipment will be marked as Not Reinforcements. They also receive only basic rations as appropriate. This new character can join the same group or a different one. After the event they may either continue to play this character, or re roll a new character of 5 points. At this point their points can be spent on Skills and equipment for themselves or any Group Purchase marked as “Purchasable” but cannot be assigned to anyone else in the group.

This is similar when a new person joins an existing group. Their points may be spent only on Skills and equipment for themselves or any Group Purchase (unless otherwise stated in said purchases rules) but cannot be assigned to anyone else in the group.

Leaving a group to join another group.

This is allowed; effectively you and your assigned equipment join the new group. From that point your original group loses any ammo or other rations for you, and your new group gains rations for you as appropriate. For the event that you move however you will not earn experience either for your old or new group. If they wish your new group can assign you experience points however at this point. After this you are treated exactly as a member of the new group.

Leaving the system OR Not appearing for a very long time.

People have busy years where they cannot make it, or just find the game not to their tastes.
The group to which they belong loses their rations and personal equipment until such time as they return.

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