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Mawdrigen - February 6, 2010 04:44 PM (GMT)
The Manifesto of the Anarchist Movement in Eden

The Empires and Plutocratic Monarchies of Earth have come to this new world to repeat the mistakes they have made in the old world. Their squabbles like the plagues released from Pandora's box have spread over this world already. The lives of the common man are already being wasted in pointless and petty skirmishes throughout this Eden. We were given this world by science but it has been taken from us by the same people who would take everything from us and grind us down, chained, into the dust.

Like the mythical box their expeditions have brought hope! The Hope that man may yet live free from the interference and exploitation of the bourgeoisie, it is to us that the job of creating this True Eden falls. We must with the Propoganda of the Deed shake the roots of this new world so that the edifices they are already building up tumble down around their ears. With bombs and guns and the Blood of martyrs can these things be prevented from becoming entrenched in Eden and in doing so we will usher in a new golden age for the human race, one where the lies of government and other such enforced and unnatural orders will not be needed.

Let not fear stay your hand! Although we come from many different walks of life. Although we come from disparate countries our purpose is true, and although we will be hunted and hated by our compatriots if we succeed such things will be worth it. You will likely not have any contact with other members of the Anarchist Movement outside your own cell, but there is in Eden a number of the greatest minds in Anarchist thinking and it is from them the plans that must be enacted to bring down the edifices of rulership and government to their knees will come.

Some will call our actions Terrorism, but in fighting to shake the golden calf of the bourgeoisie priveledges down there must be casualties. In the struggle for the Soul of Man there will be martyrs, on both sides, but we stand here on the side of Right. One day we will be looked upon as heroes and our actions will be seen for what they truly are, skirmishes in a war of ideology.

Our aims in Eden are simple

Prevent the spread of artificial governance in Eden
Break down the social stratification allowing each man to find his own level
Destroy the calcified edifices transplanted from Earth and clung to for no logical reason
Prove to the bourgeoisie that their comfort will not be the driving concern on this world, and no man will be forced to bend his back at their say so.
That Liberty of thought and deed be the highest ideal of the New world
To Allow each man to govern himself in the natural manner, with no state, no church, no lord above him.

To reach these aims we will persecute the war with the enemy with all our ardour, the propaganda of the deed being our watchword. Government leaders will be killed, bourgeois trappings bombed, and the mechanisms of exploitation sabotaged.

Secrecy however is paramount. We are in a war and the enemy will gladly slaughter our dream to preserve their own prestige and privaledge. The movement has been split therefore into cells, and you will only have contact with your own cell. One of you will be connected to another cell from whom you will receive instuctions. In this way should you be captured the damage that can be done to the movement will be limited. The movement will also ensure that you have the tools that you require for your missions, these will include guns and bombs if necessary.

Each member of the movement will receive a cyanide pill, and a pistol. Other items will be given on a mission by mission basis.

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