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 Happy Birthday Furbyfan
Posted by FurbyFan2006 - 06-29-17 12:04 - 0 comments
Jeez, 16 already? Time flies.

Happy birthday, even though you might not see this. prez.gif
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 ~furby Custom Help~
Posted by DaMaximah - 05-21-17 17:48 - 2 comments

Hello collectors/Furby lovers, I've decided to make a custom Furby based off the chick one from series 5. Does anyone have an idea of what fabric I should use for making a custom Furby. I want it to best resemble the official more
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 Shelby Info!
Posted by lordofdragonss - 04-10-17 06:38 - 2 comments
Today I learned the Shelby EXCUUUUUSE ME! phrase is a reference to cartoon Link saying:
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 Furby Video Game Announced?
Posted by Furby Man - 03-24-17 00:04 - 8 comments
So I was looking at the Official Furby Wikipedia, and I came across this:
htt more
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 Canceled Furby Tv Show?
Posted by furbys are cool - 03-22-17 00:20 - 11 comments
I found this article about a canceled furby show that was set after the special back in 2005 I think most of it is to good to be true it was gonna take place after Maddie rescues the furbies but never even made it through witch is sad Read 287 times - last comment by DaMaximah   Print email

 The Lost Story About Furbys And Shelbys
Posted by furbys are cool - 01-2-17 21:20 - 4 comments
my lovely girlfriend has this book that tells you all about furbies and shelbys in the shelby training book it tells you where they came from i wanted to share it with you guys

Shelbys have always existed in earth. But their home is not e more
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 Beware Spammers A Hero Is Here!
Posted by furbys are cool - 11-19-16 00:52 - 6 comments
Hi guys I just became a moderator and I promise to not abuse my power to star with I will clean up the bored from spam accounts! And if there's any fights then I will solve them! I promise to take care of everything!
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 I Contacted The Creators
Posted by furbys are cool - 11-14-16 05:25 - 22 comments
I just contacted the creators to address the rumours that they are married or had kids and I send them this to see if this is true or nothttp://official more
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 Hasbro Announces Furby Movie
Posted by werefurby - 11-4-16 12:31 - 132 comments

So yeah, a Furby movie is apparently on the way. more
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 Hasbro Cinematic Universe
Posted by furbys are cool - 10-3-16 06:11 - 30 comments
I don't know where to put this but I read a thing that Hasbro Studios is putting a cinematic universe with most of their toys and property's. Their adding Gi Joe transformers and a whole bunch of them making a universe with their toys. Your more
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